EAA Chapter 824


Chapter 824 – Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 7

“Yue Er,” An Xi ran out of the room. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Mu Ru Yue being safe and sound, “You previously scared me from running out of the room without saying anything. That’s right, Yue Er, you are acquainted with Wei Zi Fang?”

Her gaze shifted to Wei Zi Fang while she said that.

“I don’t know him.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she said, “An Xi, he is injured. Do you mind patching him up?”

An Xi smiled lovably as she agreed, “Alright, I will bring him back now.” 1


Wei Zi Fang frowned as he subconsciously wanted to reject An Xi’s intimity. Yet, his taut heart relaxed after thinking about what Mu Ru Yue said.

‘If it was in the past, I would certainly have rejected anyone’s help due to my pride! But Mu Ru Yue enlightened me, making me gradually place down my prideful heart…’

Mu Ru Yue looked at Wei Zi Fang.

‘This is my first meeting with him. I doubt he will believe me if I casually tell him my identity. The current Wei family still doesn’t know that the Madam of the Dou family is actually just an imposter after all…’

It was a quiet night. But the interior of the City Lord’s Manor was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, bustling with life.

The Martial Competition had successfully ended even if it was delayed by a couple of days due to that incident. The happiest person during this celebration was none other than the City Lord.

“Protector Jing Ming (bright wise) and Protector Chuan Gu (creek valley)!”

The noisy guest hall instantly quietened after hearing those names. All of their gazes shot towards the two people that were at the entrance.

Both of the middle-aged men had different markings on their robes, revealing their identity…

“Are they Protector Jing Ming from the Martial Sect and Protector Chuan Gu from the Alchemy Sect?”

“That’s right, they are indeed people from those two sects. The Martial Competition had just ended while the Alchemy Competition hasn’t even start. Thus, they are probably here to recruit some martial practitioners.”

The crowd no longer said anything, but they stared at those two people with excitement and nervousness.

If they were chosen by those two powers, it would imply that their future will be smooth-sailing…

“City Lord, we are here to pick some martial practitioners.” Chuan Gu raised his head arrogantly as he swept a gaze through the crowd before announcing, “I have decided to recruit the following people into the sect after serious considerations. Jin Kai and Su Ning can obtain inner core disciple positions. Moreover…”

He reported a couple more names but he hadn’t say Qiancheng Yan’s and Mu Ru Yue’s names from the start to the end.

Jing Ming had similarly reported some names, but similarly, he didn’t say their names.

The crowd started to discuss among themselves. From their understanding, those two talents should have been fought over by every large power. Why didn’t Protector Jing Ming and Protector Chuan Gu mention their names?

Chuan Gu seemed to have sensed their curiosity and explained, “I would like to comment on something. There are two talents that are indeed stunning in this competition. Yet, it is a pity that they are too ruthless in settling with situations. If such people were to enter our sect, they would definitely give rise to countless commotions. They may even become enemies to the entire Eastern Island! We can’t afford to take such risks and don’t need such vicious disciples. Thus, they will never be potential candidates to be recruited into our sects!”

He didn’t say any names, but everyone knew who those two protectors were referring to. All of their gazes shot toward Mu Ru Yue and Qiancheng Yan at this moment.

The City Lord was similarly stunned. It seemed as though he didn’t expect that both of the protectors will make such a decision. He originally thought that those two powers would fight among each other for those two people…

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  1. Miki: I don’t really get this part but that was what she said. Perhaps bringing him back into the room to treat his injuries?

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