EAA Chapter 822


Chapter 822 – Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 5

An Xi paused for a moment after saying that before she continued, “The purpose of why Wei Zi Fang participated in this competition was due to hoping that he could gain the attention of those two powers. If he could enter any of the two powers, he would definitely be able to improve the current state of the Wei family.”


Mu Ru Yue suddenly stood up from her seat before she left her room without turning her head back.


Everyone was pointing at the youth that was being bashed up by a crowd while discussing among themselves at the street of the relay station, but none of them went forth to help him.

All of them knew that the people that were bashing the youth up from the Lin family. The person leading the group was the direct line of descent of the Lin family, young master Lin Ye (forest industry). The Wei family previously held the same status as the Lin family, but after the Wei family fell, the Lin family treated the Wei family badly. If it wasn’t for the daughter of the Wei family becoming the current Madam of the Dou family, they already would have annihilated the Wei family.

They didn’t have the guts to wipe out the entire Wei family even if the Madam of the Dou family was distant to the Wei family after all…

Even though the Dou family possessed a similar status to the previous Wei family, the Dou family was being backed by the Devil Sect. They wouldn’t dare to make a move on the family that was being protected by the Devil Sect no matter how much guts they have.

“Wei Zi Fang, I was showing you respect when I previously told you to forfeit. Who do you think you are? You had greatly embarrassed me on the arena stage by defeating me. I won’t forgive you for that.”

Lin Ye raised his chin as he looked coldly at Wei Zi Fang’s fair and handsome face as he continued, “I’ve already lost in the competition so I don’t need to bother with the rule that prohibits competitors in injuring other competitors! You must pay the price for defeating me. Everyone, continue to beat him to death!”

‘I can’t even imagine my father’s fury after returning home today. The current Wei family is inferior to the Lin family. Yet, I had never been able to defeat Wei Zi Fang that is a talent of the Wei family after so many years of fighting against him…

‘I originally thought that this competition will be a chance for me in defeating him. But I didn’t expect that Wei Zi Fang was so stubborn to the point of ignoring my threats!

‘He is currently reaping what he sowed; no one is to be blamed for his current plight!’

“Cough! Cough!”

Wei Zi Fang coughed out a mouthful of blood as he looked at Ye Lin with a gravely pale complexion.

His gaze was burning with fury, resentment, and the stubbornness that makes Lin Ye grit his teeth!

“Damn it!”

Lin Ye gritted his teeth.

‘If I don’t shatter his pride and confidence, it will be hard for me to appease my anger…’

“Wei Zi Fang, I will let you know the outcome of offending me!”


Layers of green flames abruptly coated Lin Ye’s fist before he struck his fist directly at Wei Zi Fang. If it was as per usual, Wei Zi Fang wouldn’t need to care about Lin Ye’s attack. However, he was already beaten up to the point where he didn’t have the energy to even get up on his feet.

He could only watch on as the fist neared him…

Suddenly, a pair of hands extended from the side, gripping firmly onto Lin Ye’s fist. Following that, Lin Ye felt a powerful force struck against his fist.


His body was sent flying backward.

Wei Zi Fang was startled as he raised his gaze to look at the fluttering white robes before him with astonishment in his eyes…

“Who dared to injure me?”

Lin Ye furiously raised his head when he asked that. A chill crept up from the bottom of feet when his eyes met with that glacial gaze.

The coldness even made him stutter his following words, “Wh-why is it you?”

Ye Lin’s pupils gradually widened as he was scared witless. His complexion turned gravely pale with his lips trembling slightly…

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