EAA Chapter 821


Chapter 821 – Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 4

Wu Wen was the same as those two elders from the Alchemy Sect in not liking to be serviced by the common populace. If the City Lord of the City of Chaos knew that they were coming, he would certainly lead a group of people over to welcome them. How could he stand it? Thus, he sneaked discreetly into the city without letting anyone know… 

An Xi was a little stupefied.

‘The Martial Sect and Alchemy Sect’s elders have personally come to invite Mu Er and Qiancheng Yan into their sect in such a short period of time. Moreover, these two elders seem to hold rather superior positions in their sect…’

“I’m sorry.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she explained, “Qiancheng Yan has already entered the Alchemy Sect while I don’t feel like joining any sect.”


Wu Wen was a little frustrated upon hearing what she said.

‘It seems that old man from the Alchemy Sect has made his move faster than me.’

“Alright.” He sighed lightly before persuading dejectedly, “But Mister Qiancheng hasn’t officially entered the sect. If he wants to join my sect instead, I will welcome him anytime. Furthermore, Lady Mu, if you are willing to become a disciple of my Medicine Sect, I can give you a core disciple status and even let you enjoy having the greatest power a disciple could hold! I hope that you will consider about it.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she replied, “I will.”

Wu Wen’s eyes still lit up even if he knew that she was just replying to him half-heartedly.

‘If I can get such a talent under me, the Martial Sect will definitely overtake the Alchemy Sect and Devil Sect in a couple of years…’

The crowd felt that they lacked of a better solution in treating this situation while they looked at elder’s departing figure. The Alchemy Sect and Martial Sect didn’t force them to enter their sect so they had good impressions of those two powers…

Mu RU Yue didn’t need to compete in the upcoming competition so she cultivated in her room during this period of time. Her name should already be well-spread throughout the Eastern Continent. If Ye Wu Chen was near this place, he would undoubtedly know her location reuniting with her.

The faint sunlight of the sunset shone on the girl that was sitting on her bed with her eyes closed. Yet, a bustling sound was suddenly heard outside the room, making her open her eyes abruptly.

“Mu Er,” An Xi jumped up and down elatedly. Her face had flushed red from excitement. “Do you know I’ve defeated An Lin?! Haha! She was scared witless by me at that time. I will no longer need to hide and let those people know that I, An Xi, am not a trash!”

Her eyelashes were trembling slightly with a peculiar ray of light glimmering in her bright eyes. Her smile was like warm sunlight, subconsciously influencing people with her emotions…

“Congratulations.” Mu Ru Yue congratulated her with a genuine smile.

Shu Ning smiled but she was elated for An Xi. Nobody would think that she was a trash from now on…

“Wei Zi Fang (maintain child honest), I previously had clearly told you before to purposely forfeit on the Arena Stage. Yet, you dared to go against my order! You are asking for a beating. Someone beat him up for me!”

A fiend’s voice was suddenly heard from outside the room.

Mu Ru Yue scrunched her eyebrows tightly, but didn’t give much attention to the commotion. In her point of view, she didn’t have any energy to give strangers and didn’t like to meddle in something that didn’t involve her.

“Wei Zi Fang is really pitiful.” An Xi pursed her lips as her bright, large eyes looked outside of the room as she explained, “The Wei family initially had great power that was second to those power such as the Alchemy Sect. But something happened a couple dozen of years ago.

“The daughter of the Wei family suddenly alienated from the Wei family after marrying into the Dou family. Her newborn daughter, Dou Yu (jade), had also disappeared. It was rumoured that she had already been killed by someone. The head of the Wei family could not bear with such blows that he fell ill and became bedridden. The Wei family had fallen to be a mediocre family from then on…”

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