EAA Chapter 820


Chapter 820 – Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 3

The elder sighed in disappointment before he said, “I shall respect your decision. Little girl, if you ever regret and want to come under me, you can always come and find me. The entrance to my Alchemy Sect will always be wide open for you.”

‘Even though this little girl is just a martial practitioner, I must try to recruit her no matter what as I definitely can’t let those bastards from the Martial Sect snatch away a martial practitioner that has such an outstanding innate talent…’

“But,” Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before she continued, “I can let Qiancheng Yan head to the Alchemy Sect to train.”



Qiancheng Yan paled with fright as he hastily raised his head to look at Mu Ru Yue. He then asked, choked with his emotions, “Master, do you not want me anymore?”

‘Otherwise, why is she making me become his disciple?’

“Qiancheng, you are still too inexperienced. You will be able to gain experience after entering the Alchemy Sect.” Mu Ru Yue smiled as she continued, “Moreover, I only want you to join the Alchemy Sect. I am not telling you to become his disciple. I will always be your Master no matter what.”

‘I am not that silly to give up such a talent with a Divine Body to someone else. But Qiancheng Yan really needs to train. His battle experience is too insufficient.  

‘Even though I can teach him those experiences, it won’t be as effective as for him to train by battling against others.

‘He will only mature if he entered the Alchemy Sect that is filled with talents…’

Qiancheng Yan gradually calmed down as he looked at the girl’s smiling face. “Master, don’t worry. I will certainly not let you down! I will reach a high position in the world one day. I will then announce to the entire world that I am your, Mu Ru Yue’s, disciple!”

‘I must mature to gain glory for Master!’

The elder was elated.

‘Even though Mu Ru Yue rejected to join the Alchemy Sect, I still have this youth that is similarly a rare talent. I will at least not return to the Alchemy Sect empty-handed.’

Hehe!” The elder stroked his snow-white beard. He then smiled in satisfaction, “Don’t fret. Little boy, if anyone is to bully you in the Alchemy Sect, you can always tell them my name. There won’t be anyone that will dare to bully or humiliate you in the Alchemy Sect for as long as I’m there!”

Qiancheng Yan didn’t say anything but his clear gaze was filled with determination.

‘The only reason why I want to become stronger is due to me being Mu Ru Yue’s disciple! Master will undoubtedly reach the summit of the world so I mustn’t embarrass Master!’

The elder was really sad that Mu Ru Yue didn’t join the Alchemy Sect. But the Alchemy Sect would have an unbreakable relationship with her after Qiancheng Yan joins the Alchemy Sect.

It was unknown to him why he had a feeling that his girl would definitely create havoc in this Eastern Island…

A set of footsteps was once again heard outside the door shortly after the elder left. When the crowd looked at the entrance of the room, an elder in embroidered robes was walking briskly into the room.

“Who will you be again?” An Xi frowned as she asked impatiently.

The elder with a stern expression in embroidered robes was stunned for a moment after hearing what An Xi said.

‘Can it be someone else has already come to find them?’

“Lady, I’m an Elder of the Martial Sect, Wu Wen (squad culture). I had coincidentally watched the competition. I am thinking of wanting to recruit Mister Qiancheng and Lady Mu into the Martial Sect after admiring your innate talents. What do you think about that?”

‘Coincidentally come here? I am just bullshitting!

‘These competitions were originally not under my concern. I could just dispatch for subordinates to accomplish such task while I just need to wait in the sect for them.

‘But I heard that the two elders from the Alchemy Sect have personally come here. How can I continue to sit in the sect? Thus, I ran over to this place without dallying. Otherwise, I may lose the chance to recruit these two talents into the Martial Sect.’

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  1. The elder from Alchemy sect is smart. He knows not to show arrogance if not he will lose favour with Mu Ru Yue.

    As for the elder from Martial sect, I have a feeling that you might end up offending Mu Ru Yue and slapping your own face.

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