EAA Chapter 82


Chapter 82 – Enchanter Feng Jing Tian Part 4

“So what if it is or isn’t?” Mu Ru Yue’s expression chilled. She didn’t forget that this man had come to kill her. “Tell me, who is it that told you to kill me?”

Feng Jing Tian gradually snapped out of his shock. When he thought about Mu Yi Xue lying to him, his expression darkened. A trace of viciousness flashed past his eyes.

“It’s Mu Yi Xue of the Mu family.”

Once he said that, Feng Jing Tian felt an icy aura came over. He looked in surprise at the young girl emitting such an icy aura.


“Mu family. As expected, it really is the Mu family.” Mu Ru Yue sneered. “I’ve never provoked them and yet they constantly provoke me. It seems that the previous lessons weren’t enough. When I return, I’ll settle all the debts with the Mu family. But even though you weren’t the main instigator, you still came over by her order so….”

She lowered her gaze at Feng Jing Tian, who was on the ground, and her sneer intensified.

Feng Jing Tian’s body shook as he replied, feeling wronged, “I didn’t know you were the true saviour. Worse comes to worst, I’ll become your guard to protect you.”

Moreover, his strength wasn’t inferior to the spiritual beast, so no matter what, this girl wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

However, it was still Feng Jing Tian that was initially in the wrong. Regardless of what she did to him, he wouldn’t fight back.

“I can’t afford to have a guard like you.” Mu Ru Yue coldly looked at Feng Jing Tian as she drily said that. She was obviously unable to feel any good intentions towards the guy that wanted to kill her.

Feng Jing Tian bit his red lips as he laid on the ground. The slightly opened red clothes revealed his exquisitely fair chest, completely showing off an enchanter’s mesmerizing demeanour.

“How about I pay the price and give this body to you? Come, quickly come over. I’ll use my body to repay you.”

Saying that, he closed his eyes as if he was awaiting death.

Yet, there wasn’t any movement after a long period of time. He sluggishly opened his enticing eyes and found that Mu Ru Yue had already carried Yan Jin far away from him….

When the wind blew, Feng Jing Tian was like the abandoned leaves as he laid on the ground.

“It seems that I’ve fallen for her.” Feng Jing Tian’s mind was filled with that young girl’s cold appearance. As he pondered about it, he chuckled. “If she gives me two punches, perhaps I’ll be much more blissful….”

If Mu Ru Yue were to hear his mutters, she would probably want to vomit 300 milliliters of blood. He was heading in the direction of masochism.

“Little girl, are you going to let him off just like that?” Yan Jin lifted his gaze to look puzzledly at Mu Ru Yue. This young lady didn’t seem the type to let her enemy go so easily.

“He possesses great strength. At most, you would only be able to beat him into a tie.” Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as she continued, “Since we can’t kill him, we can only leave him. I feel disgusted by his flashy appearance.”

Seeing such a flamboyant man, it really gave people goosebumps….

“Little girl, I’ll quickly come to find you.” Feng Jing Tian looked in the direction that young girl disappeared and smiled faintly. Now, he had something more important to do.

Thinking about Mu Yi Xue, his gaze darkened.

It was his fault for recognizing the wrong person, but that girl didn’t clarify and just accepted everything readily. This matter was intolerable to Feng Jing Tian.

“Mu Yi Xue, didn’t you want people to rape her? I’ll let you experience that.”

Upon saying that, he looked in the direction Mu Ru Yue had left before rapidly heading back where he came from.

Fragrance Pavilion.

Mu Yi Xue anxiously paced back and forth, her gaze frequently shooting towards the window. She didn’t know if that man had done the deed. Thinking about that slut being catered by a man, she couldn’t help but smile with elation….

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  1. Woah! That imouto is gonna go down like a BANG!
    Hmn…that doesn’t sound quite right…but anyway, she will probably be dead without realizing her foolishness.

    Welp…thanks Miki! Regardless of the teaser, I’m happy it doesn’t make me wanna jump off the cliff hahaha!

  2. Daling with the sister just antagonizes the dad more. Wasnt it mentioned by that princess that the dad was really ruthless and quite capable? Yet so far that dad has been more a wuss than anyhing else..

  3. Wow. “want to vomit 300 milliliters of blood.” It got really specific, down to the milliliter.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  5. Whoa, is he a masochist?? If is wasn’t for his personality being a little, um how should I say this, he would rape others, I don’t care if he does that to others but he just so happened to want to rape her, I don’t except that!! Don’t judge me, I think differently!!!

  6. “If Mu Ru Yue were to hear his mutters, she would probably want to vomit 300 milliliters of blood. He was heading in the direction of masochism.”

    Why not 3 deciliters? In general, using precise metric measures in highly emotional context is funny. I guess it would be better “want to vomit a cup full of blood” or even “want to vomit blood”.

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