EAA Chapter 817


Chapter 817  – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 10

Dust and sand covered their sight again from the destruction of the arena stage. It was only after a long time for the gale to dissipate the dust and sand.

However, Lin Li was still standing perfectly well in mid-air with his grey robes fluttering along with the wind, enveloping his robust figure.

“Lord Lin Li is still alive? Didn’t I say that Lord Lin Li definitely wouldn’t die that easily? Even though that sword attack was alarming and even seemed to be slicing through the sky, it was only filled with grandeur but lacked in power.”

Lin Li, who was previously standing upright in mid-air, dropped directly to the ground while the crowd below the arena stage was discussing among themselves.


Following that, he no longer climbed back up to his feet…

“Yue Er!”

Elation filled An Xi’s eyes as she walked briskly toward the girl standing in mid-air. Respect and reverence brimmed in her eyes at this moment.

‘Perhaps it was a right choice for me to choose to follow her half a month ago…’

“Yue Er, that sword technique is really amazing. Who taught you that move?”

An Xi’s eyes lit up,

‘Mu Ru Yue’s sword move that seemed to have cut through the heaven was too cool. I won’t be able to forget that move in my life…’

Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly. “It was a move that I had improvised in the previous crisis. Previously, that move can enable me to battle against an opponent that has a higher cultivation than me. Yet, my opponents have been becoming increasingly powerful. Lin Li also used a secret art to increase his might to the True Realm even though it hadn’t reached the Spiritual Realm. Thus, I wasn’t able to use my previous technique to defeat him so I was lucky to be able to come up with a new move in time, completely defeating Lin Li.”

An Xi no longer heard what Mu Ru Yue continued to say. She was stupefied and looked dazedly at Mu Ru Yue when she heard that Mu Ru Yue had come up with that sword technique herself.

She suspected that her ears were currently malfunctioning…

‘This girl is too outrageous!

‘I am far inferior as compared to her even if I, as a Spiritual Master, was a rare existence. I didn’t have the confidence to defeat Lin Li after all…

‘It will be impossible for me even after reaching Mu Ru Yue’s age!’

“Qiancheng,” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to look at Qiancheng Yan before she said in smile, “I need to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I might not be able to create that new move in this match.”

Qiancheng Yan’s heart shuddered.

‘I knew that Master has seen through my guilt so she is intentionally consoling me.’

A trace of warmth surged in Qiancheng Yan’s heart.

‘Master seems really cold, but she actually does place us in her heart.

‘Even taking good care of my mood…’  

“Master, I, Qiancheng Yan, will never regret knowing you in my life.”

Qiancheng Yan raised his gaze to look seriously at Mu Ru Yue.

Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly but didn’t say further. She lifted her head to look at Shu Ning who was coming over.

Shu Ning sighed and lamented a little, “Yue Er, I initially thought that I was already talented enough until I met you. I finally understand what it is to be like a frog in a well. I should be grateful to my maternal grandfather. If it wasn’t for him to make me leave the family to see the world, perhaps I will still be self-proclaiming myself as a talent…”

‘Every talent in the world no longer can call themselves a talent when comparing themselves to her!

‘Anything by her side will only become a prop…’  

Shu Ning was a little curious at this instant as to how powerful the man that was compatible to be with her would be?

The crowd burst out in a clamour only at the moment that Mu Ru Yue walked down from the ruined arena stage…

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  1. Thank you for the updates. Lin Li really asked for his doom. I wonder if he is dead or knocked out with no way to cultivate permanently.

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