EAA Chapter 816


Chapter 816 – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 9

Everyone was stunned by that astonishing sword technique, subconsciously casting their gazes at the arena stage…

A figure suddenly appeared within the dust and sand that permeated the sky after the storm died down.

The current girl no longer looked as graceful as usual. Her white robes was covered in dust and sand. She was in such a sorry state, but it was still unable to cover her magnificence.

Everyone was in shock as they looked in astonishment at that figure. They didn’t dare to believe what they saw.


“Ho-how did you survive?!”

Lin Li’s voice was trembling as he yelled with all his might.

‘I had already used all my might in that move. But this girl managed to survive my ultimate blow…’  

“Yue Er!”

An Xi’s heart shuddered as she looked dazedly at Mu Ru Yue who had walked out from the dust and sand. This kind of jubilant feeling of recovering what she had almost lost forever nearly made her shriek. But she had hastily covered her lips before she shrieked.

Yet, her shaking body exposed her heart-felt excitement…

“Master, Master is alright…”

Qiancheng Yan’s excitement was more intense than An Xi’s. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if something was to really happen to Mu Ru Yue. He might even do something out of his character.

‘My parents gave me my life and soul. But it was this girl that had given me hope to continue living. If it wasn’t for her, perhaps I would already be a corpse, dying together with Yan Er…’

Shu Ning smiled.

Her smile wasn’t cold with her entire body emitted an elegant aura. It was undeniable that Shu Ning was really beautiful even if she wasn’t devastatingly beautiful. The gentleness of her beauty would make anyone that saw her smile relax subconsciously…

Jin Kai’s gaze had always focused on Shu Ning from the start. His heart seemed to have been ripped apart by a hand; it was unbearably painful…

‘Is she that girl?’

‘If it isn’t her, then how can she possess a smile that stirs up my heart so much? But she had gone missing for about a dozen years. Why has she appeared here then?

‘But if this girl is that girl, what should I do next?’

Jin Kai thought about all those years of longingness and yearningness but his heart ached again when he thought about Shu Ning’s previous cold expression, the pain suffocated him…

‘I was wrong. I was really wrong!

‘I shouldn’t have made a move on her friend due to Su Ning’s identity. Perhaps I will lose my most beloved girl forever from that act…’

Mu Ru Yue halted her step on the arena stage. She raised her gaze to look at Lin Li that had a drastic change in his expression. “Is that all you can do? It will be my turn to attack then…”

“Transformation of an Astonishing Flame Dragon!”


Intense flame burst forth from the girl’s body.


The flames gathered toward the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword. Her current appearance being enveloped with flames looked breathtaking!

Lin Li gradually opened his eyes with shock expressed in his eyes. But the girl raised and swung her sword downwards before he got back to his senses.

An enormous sword that seemed to have reached the sky floated behind her at this moment. The enormous red sword carried an astonishing aura with it.


It was struck downwards.

Such an astonishing sword attack rocked the ruined arena stage as it struck toward Lin Li…

An intense explosion shook the entire plaza for a short moment.

The crowd was reluctant to shift their gazes away from the arena stage at this instant as they focused their gazes at the arena stage without looking elsewhere…

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