EAA Chapter 815


Chapter 815 – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 8

The youth had curled both of his hands and fingers tightly around Su Ning’s neck before she could even react.

He then proclaimed in a shaky voice that seemed to be imbued with overflowing fury, “I will kill you if you speak any more nonsense!”

That’s right, killing intents surged forth from Qiancheng Yan’s body.

‘Master will definitely not die. I must kill everyone that says that she has already died!’


“Cough! Cough!”

Su Ning’s beautiful face flushed red with horror in her pretty eyes. She waved her hand helplessly at Jin Kai. She then pleaded in a strained voice, “Elder brother Jin Kai, save me…”

Jin Kai frowned. He didn’t want to care about Su Ning but he couldn’t help but think about her status. Impatience flashed past his golden eyes. He raised his hand, shooting a golden ray of light at Qiancheng Yan.


Qiancheng Yan’s body was sent flying before crashing heavily onto the ground.

“Qiancheng Yan!”

An Xi and Shu Ning’s expression changed when they saw Jin Kai’s action, hastily standing before Qiancheng Yan and protecting him.

“Jin Kai!!”

Shu Ning raised her gaze to look at Jin Kai’s handsome but cold face. Killing intents surged forth from her heart.

Her beautiful face was no longer as elegant as usual. Boundless coldness rejecting people from nearing her was expressed instead. She said heavily on each of her words, “I will never forgive you in my life!”

They had met each other when they were young and had a good relationship after all. Hence, she didn’t detest him even if Jin Kai treated her extremely cold when they reunited.

Yet, Jin Kai had just breached her bottom line this time.

He didn’t mind making move on her friend to save that damnable girl Su Ning. She would not forgive him in her entire life and eternity just from him doing that.

A small bun-like figure appeared in Jin Kai’s mind when he saw Shu Ning’s resolute gaze. A trace of panic unknowingly permeated in his heart.

Just as he wanted to explain, Su Ning suddenly pounced into his embrace. With a tear-stained face, she said, “Elder brother Jin Kai, I am so scared. They actually wanted to kill me. You had promised my parents to protect me so you can’t just watch on as I am being bullied…”

Jin Kai’s body stiffened. But he immediately pushed Su Ning away when the Shu Ning’s cold gaze entered his eyes. He briskly walked toward Shu Ning, wanting to hold Shu Ning’s hand. But he heard the girl’s sharp thorn-like words that stabbed heavily into his heart before he could touch her.

“Scram! I don’t ever want to see you again in my life!”

Shu Ning already was tremendously enraged due to Mu Ru Yue’s matter. Yet, Jin Kai hurt Qiancheng Yan at this moment.

She was risking her life by wanting to save Qiancheng Yan. But she could not let her friend’s disciple be injured again no matter what.

Jin Kai placed his hand down. His usual icy gaze seemed to have melted as sorrow and remorse replaced the coldness. “I am sorry.”

Even Jin Kai couldn’t believe that he said those words after they left his mouth. But he just had a feeling that the person that he didn’t want to hurt the most in his life was this girl…

Su Ning’s face distorted in jealousy and hatred. She clenched her fists tightly as she shot dagger-like gazes at Shu Ning.

‘This damnable girl dares to seduce my Elder brother Jin Kai. I definitely mustn’t let her off!’

Shu Ning no longer looked at Jin Kai. She walked forth and helped Qiancheng Yan to stand up. However, an intense ray of light shot out from within the storm at this moment…


A mighty sword aura was shot out from the storm, instantly splitting the arena stage into halves with that sword light, ruining the arena stage…

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