EAA Chapter 812


Chapter 812– An Alarming Sword Technique Part 5


Mu Ru Yue smiled. Her smile was captivating but it was glacial.

“I, Mu Ru Yue, didn’t do anything wrong. Why do I need to apologise to you then?”

Her voice was extremely domineering, filled with haughtiness and unruliness. Such a girl shouldn’t be at this place. She should be at the summit of the world instead.



Lin Li laughed out brazenly. With killing intent reeking out from his body, he said, “Good! Really good! It seems that I must teach you a harsh lesson!”


Intense flames of fury erupted from his body as he charged toward Mu Ru Yue. The crowd could only see a ray of light being shot toward Mu Ru Yue due to his rapid speed.

“Yue Er!”

An Xi was so anxious that she wanted to enter the arena stage to help Mu Ru Yue, but a jade arm had extended from her side, tightly holding onto her hand.

“You don’t need to worry.” Shu Ning shook her head as she raised her head to look at Mu Ru Yue that was on the arena stage before explaining, “I’ve a feeling that Yue Er will certainly not lose!”

It was unknown to Shu Ning why she had such confidence in Mu Ru Yue. Even she herself was shocked by how much trust she had for Mu Ru Yue.

Worry continued to be expressed in An Xi’s eyes even after hearing that as she focused her gaze onto the figures that were battling on the stage…

The ray of light penetrated Mu Ru Yue’s body. An Xi’s heart clenched a little at that instant. She shrieked with a gravely pale complexion, “Yue Er!”

Yet, Mu Ru Yue’s figure that was stagnated on the arena stage dissipated after a breeze blew past at this moment.

“It is an after-image!”

Shu Ning scrunched her eyebrows with a complex gaze that shone past her eyes.

‘Mu Ru Yue’s power can already enable her to leave an after-image…

‘It seems that there is still a large disparity in my might to hers. But this made my heart more determined.

‘What maternal grandfather said was right. There are countless hidden talents in the Eastern Island. If I interact with those talents, it will be greatly beneficial to my future cultivation…’

Mu Ru Yue suddenly appeared behind Lin Li.

Lin Li hastily turned around when he felt an icy aura behind him. With a brandish of his sword, he received her sudden attack.


Mu Ru Yue retreated a couple steps back. Her chest jolted a little. A fishy-sweet taste surged up her throat, but she swallowed it back down.

But her complexion didn’t in the slightest turn gravely pale…

“This girl is really strong!”

Lin Li’s hand that was gripping onto the white light shuddered a little with his expression becoming increasingly serious.

‘I’m already countless times stronger than usual after using that secret art to increase my might. Even a Spiritual Realm expert wouldn’t be able to withstand my attack and remain unscathed. Yet, she was able to receive my attack without having any injury…’

“Little girl,” Lin Li sniggered as he commented, “I wouldn’t be your match even after using the secret technique to increase my might after a few years. But it is a pity that your current power is still too far from mine. You will undoubtedly fall no matter how talented you are today!”

His hand gripped tightly on the white glow.


He dashed toward Mu Ru Yue again.

His speed was so rapid that it formed a ray of light that flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. If it wasn’t for her abnormal mental power, she wouldn’t have been able to track his movement…


Qiancheng Yan’s heart shuddered. He was slightly remorseful. If he didn’t cripple Liang Wen on impulse, perhaps Lin Li wouldn’t seek trouble with Master.

But Qiancheng Yan couldn’t help but want to shred that bastard Liang Wen’s corpse into tiny pieces whenever he thought about the lecherous gaze that Liang Wen shot toward his Master.

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