EAA Chapter 809


Chapter 809 – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 2

Could it be he had already reached the Mystic Realm, judging by his might?

The crowd took in a deep breath with great shock in their eyes upon thinking about that. They stared at the youthful face on the arena stage, not wanting to even blink their eyes…

“I conc…”

Qiancheng Yan suddenly stepped onto his mouth before he could officially concede defeat. Slight ripples gradually appeared in his clear water-like eyes.


“Liang Wen, you had dishonored my Master and even fancied her. Now, it is the time for me to pay you back for what you had done!”

‘Nobody can dishonor my teacher!

‘Since nothing good ever comes out from his mouth, he can do without it.

‘Moreover, Liang Wen made people tweaked with their Teleportation Talisman in order to deal with them. If it wasn’t for their rather good luck, they would have already lost their lives in that Eternal Night Forest.

‘How can I forgive Liang Wen after everything he did?’


Liang Wen’s words were stuck in his throat. He quivered in terror at the youth before him. He had never thought that the trash would do such a terrifying act…


The intense pain made Liang Wen’s entire body to shudder. Yet, he couldn’t say anything so he could only look at Qiancheng Yan with a deathly pale face…

An Lin hastily covered his lips as intense fear infiltrated her heart. She couldn’t help but retreat a couple of steps from that terror. She didn’t have any guts to rescue Liang Wen…

Qiancheng Yan stomped onto Liang Wen’s Dantian at this moment.


A crisp sound was heard in the crowd’s ears.

Liang Wen’s head tilted to a side, fainting from the pain.


Lin Li was immediately enraged when he saw Qiancheng Yan tormenting Liang Wen before him. His robust figure soared through the sky while raising his hand to strike Qiancheng Yan.

Sinister killing intents rose from his body at that moment…

The crowd was stunned as they looked astonished at Lin Li. They didn’t think that Lin Li, who was the referee, would take advantage of his superiority to intervene in the battle between two disciples, making a move on a competitor…


A white light shone past before Lin Li could reach Qiancheng Yan, blocking his path. A glacial cold could be felt from the fluttering white robes, directly piercing into other’s heart. It halted Lin Li’s step, freezing his hand in mid-air.

‘My mind must have been muddled by my anger.

‘If it was as per usual, I definitely wouldn’t act on such impulse. But my relationship with the Liang family is great and I like Liang Wen. In addition of receiving pills from the Liang family, I couldn’t help but strike out at Qiancheng Yan.’

Lin Li was a little vexed. This competition wasn’t for the City of Chaos but for those two large powers…


Lin Li snorted coldly. He lowered his gaze to look at Qiancheng Yan who was on the ground. He then asked coldly, “Why didn’t you stop when I previously told you to?”

Qiancheng Yan sneered as he asked in return, “If it was Liang Wen that did that to me, will you make him stop?”

His response stumped Lin Li.

‘If Qiancheng Yan is the receiver and Liang Wen is the attacker, will I choose to intervene? The answer will be a big, fat no!

‘This is due to the rule of the competition that as long as their opponent hasn’t conceded, the match won’t stop! Moreover, nobody can make a move on any of them when the match was ongoing, especially me that was the referee…

‘Yet, how can I just watch on as Liang Wen is being killed?’

“Qiancheng Yan, you are too imprudent. I will stop any competitors from killing their opponent no matter who they are on the arena stage!” Lin Li raised his head as he continued to say, brimming with justice, “But you made such a ruthless move. You will definitely be a seed of disaster in the future for being so malevolent at such a tender age. Thus, I just wanted to teach you a small lesson, tempering your nature.”

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