EAA Chapter 807


Chapter 807 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 9


The youth snorted coldly as he raised his chin arrogantly and said, “I can give you a chance to forfeit. Otherwise, it won’t look good on you to be instantly defeated by me.”

In his point of view, he was completely saying that for Mu Ru Yue so she should be greatly grateful toward him.

Yet, out of the youth’s expectation, Mu Ru Yue just smiled and proclaimed, “I will return that sentence back to you. I just need a move to deal with you.”


This time, it wasn’t only the youth that had a change in his expression as the rest of the people did.

They weren’t able to predict that she would be this brazen even after listening to the rumours about how delusional she was in the Eternal Night Forest.

Did she really say that she only needed to use a move to deal with a Xiantian High Rank expect while just being at the Xiantian Mid Rank realm?

If she wasn’t being delusional, what was it?

“Good! Really good! This is the choice that you have made! ”

A trace of sinister ray of light shone past the youth’s eyes. Following that, his body pierced toward Mu Ru Yue like a sharp sword.

Yet, a raging aura suddenly burst forth from Mu Ru Yue’s body when he was nearing her.


The youth was sent flying high up into the sky before crashing heavily onto the ground.


The youth was sent flying and crashed heavily onto the ground before he could even near Mu Ru Yue. He didn’t have time to gather his thoughts as he just stared at the impeccable appearance before him in astonishment.

Mu Ru Yue smirked with an indifferent gaze as she commented as gentle as a breeze, “I told you that I only need a move to deal with you…”

The plaza became silent.

Everyone was stunned before an intense clamour arose after a long period of time, a distinct expression of shock on their faces.

Who said that this girl was at the Xiantian Mid Rank?

If she really was at the Xiantian Mid Rank, how could she defeat the youth that was at the Xiantian High Rank with such ease? Those people that said that she was at the Xiantian Mid Rank were clearly jealous of her might, slandering her!

She should be at least be at the Xiantian Full Circle Realm…

Liang Wen’s expression distorted as he stared furiously at the immortal-like figure on the arena stage for a long time. He then turned to look at the number badge in his hand before he sniggered.

‘It will soon be my turn. I had done arrangements to be paired up against Qiancheng Yan…

‘It will be impossible for Qiancheng Yan to reach my cultivation even if he can start cultivating again. Hence, there shouldn’t be any chance of unexpected incidence to happen in this match!’

Qiancheng Yan hastily went forth to greet Mu Ru Yue after seeing her leave the arena stage, “Master…”

“Qiancheng, it’s your turn.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly before smiling faintly and said, “Following this, it will be your time to prove yourself. You need to prove yourself to the entire Eastern Island that you, Qiancheng Yan, isn’t a trash but a talent instead!”

Qiancheng Yan’s heart shuddered at that instant. He then lifted his gaze to focus on Mu Ru Yue’s indifferent appearance. He then proclaimed resolutely, “Master, I will let everyone know that I, Qiancheng Yan, is a talent! Furthermore, I am Master’s disciple!”

He would never forget that last point no matter how successful he would be in the future!

The only person that he could trust wholeheartedly in this life and eternity was this girl…  

Qiancheng Yan leaped, landing onto the arena stage. His gaze landed on Liang Wen that was walking toward him. He took in a deep breath to suppress his fury. He then said in a glacial voice, “Liang Wen, I’ve waited for this day for a really long time already…”

Haha!” Liang Wen raised his head and laughed. He then said, “I believe what you actually wanted to say is that you have already waited for a really long time to be tortured by me. Since that’s so, Qiancheng Yan, don’t worry. I will certainly grant you your wish shortly!”

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