EAA Chapter 806


Chapter 806 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 8

“Silence!” The plaza became pin-drop silent after Lin Li shouted.

Following that, he explained slowly, “The people that have the number one badge will compete first! Those that have the number one badges step out!”

Two youth walked out from among the crowd upon hearing what Lin Li said.

The two youths were of similar age and cultivation. They started battling after introducing themselves. Since they were of similar might, it wouldn’t be easy to deduce who will stand victorious in a short period of time…


“Who do you think will be the victor?”

An Xi blinked her eyes as she turned her gaze to look at the two girls by her side.

“It should be the youth in black robes.” Qiancheng Yan had a tightly creased eyebrows with a light smile on his youthful face.

“No.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head and said, “The one that wins is the man in white robes.”

Qiancheng Yan looked at Mu Ru Yue as he said, puzzled, “But from the looks of it, it is obvious that the youth in black robe is in the advantage. Why will he lose in the end?”

“It is due to him using all his might.” Mu Ru Yue smiled and continued to explain, “On the other hand, the white-robed man hasn’t use all of his power from the start. Thus, even though the white-robed youth is currently in the disadvantage, he still has a chance to turn the table around. As for that black-robed youth, since he is using too much power, he will burn out soon…”

Qiancheng Yan saw the black-robed man gradually became exhausted while she was explaining. The situation had flipped around at this moment. The white-robed man soared into the sky. His sharp wind-like sword glinted before the black-robed man, forcing him to constantly retreat backward.

Cold sweat flowed down the black-robed man’s face with his complexion getting increasingly pale. Following that, the white-robed man struck a flying kick onto the black-robed man’s chest.

The black-robed man didn’t have the slightest power to resist against that kick as he had used all of his might at the start of the match, sending him flying out of the arena stage with that kick…

“Master, you not only have an abnormal innate talent, your observation skills are similarly exceptionally sharp. You make me, as your disciple, yield willingly to your might.”

Qiancheng Yan smiled bitterly.

‘I finally understand why Master is so abnormal. She emits an expert grandeur at any moment.

‘Yet, I don’t have anything special, other than my innate talent…’

Jin Kai shifted his gaze to look at Mu Ru Yue’s indifferent appearance. A tinge of peculiar light shone past his golden eyes. But he withdrew his gaze without saying anything in the end…

Following that, pairs after pairs of competitors fought against each other. Of course, the final victor of those matches was as predicted by the crowd so there wasn’t any surprise elements in those matches…

When the two competitors withdrew from the stage, Lin Li continued to announce,” Number nine!”

Mu Ru Yue raised her eyebrow as she looked at the badge in her hand. With a smile in her eyes, she commented, “It is finally my turn…”

White robes soared through the sky after she said that, landing on the arena stage.

Her opponent was a youthful man. His appearance was stern and arrogant. He looked at Mu Ru Yue with disdain as he mocked, “So you are Mu Ru Yue? A Xiantian Mid Rank martial practitioner? Your innate talent is passable even though your cultivation is weaker than me by a rank. But I only need one move to deal with you.”

The youth raised his index finger and waved it at Mu Ru Yue while he said that with a cynical smirk…

Mu Ru Yue yawned. She then looked coldly at the youth’s stern appearance as she parted her lips to say, “Are you done talking? Can we start battling now that you had said your piece? I don’t have much patience waiting for you…”

The crowd’s gaze was focused on the two of them at this moment. But it was clear that none of them thought that Mu Ru Yue would win the match…

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