EAA Chapter 804


Chapter 804 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 6

Jin Kai was certain that he knew this girl even if it was just gut feelings!

“I’m sorry but Mister Jin, you have recognised the wrong person. I don’t know you.” Shu Ning raised her gaze to look at the handsome face before her. Her gaze wasn’t as calm as always as boundless coldness replaced it instead.

‘My marriage engagement to the Jin family has terminated after being chased out from the Su family about a dozen years ago. Following that, my father had transferred the marriage engagement to Su Ning so as to have a connection to the Jin family.

‘In other words, the current Jin Kai is Su Ning’s fiance!


‘I don’t have an inkling good impression of the Su family so I naturally view Jin Kai in the same way…’

“We indeed know each other!”

Jin Kai extended his hand and held Shu Ning’s arm, but his expression was as cold as always.

“What do you think you are doing?” Shu Ning’s expression changed greatly as it was out of her expectation that Jin Kai would do such an act in public.

But Jin Kai didn’t give her a chance to resist against him as his hands tightly gripped onto Shu Ning while his pair of golden eyes fixed on her.

“Who are you?”

His breath landed on her face due to their close proximity. But it only disgusted Shu Ning.

Following that, a jade hand extended from the side, forcefully separated Jin Kai from Shu Ning.

“You aren’t allowed to bully Shu Ning!” An Xi placed her hands on her hips as she stood before Shu Ning like a chicken hen protecting her chick. Her eyes were widened as she glared at Jin Kai when she said that furiously.

Jin Kai frowned but he didn’t bother with her. His eyes looked past An Xi to look at Shu Ning’s elegant and beautiful face.

‘This girl indeed gives me a familiar feeling. We must have met previously…’

“I will know the answer one day.” Jin Kai’s gaze was cold and even his voice was bone-piercing cold. Yet, it gave people a peculiar vibe…

Su Ning clenched her fists so tightly that it trembled when she saw this sight. Her delicate body shuddered uncontrollably. Her magnificent face distorted from jealousy as she stared at the elegant face before her.

If her gaze was a sword, Shu Ning’s entire body would be ridden with holes…

Shu Ning looked at the distorted expression of Su Ning. She then smirked slightly with a peculiar ray of light that shone past her eyes.

“Yue Er! Shu Ning! Let’s go.” An Xi pouted as she continued, “Don’t care about these deranged people. A bonafide man actually bullies you, a weak girl.”

An Xi had a strong impulse of killing Jin Kai at this moment while she thought about that.

‘Shu Ning had clearly said that she didn’t know him. Yet, he continued to harass her. This is especially so when he was with that damnable girl, Su Ning. It is no wonder why Shu Ning doesn’t have a good impression of him…’

Three days passed quickly. Everyone that passed the previous elimination round had gathered punctually at the plaza. But the plaza wasn’t as densely packed as half a month ago since some people were disqualified.

When Lin Li saw Mu Ru Yue’s team among the crowd, he announced, sneering, “This match will be really simple. I will be giving all of you a number. Those people with the same number will be opponents in this match!”

Mu Ru Yue rose her brows slightly. She then glanced at Qiancheng Yan who was by her side. She had a gut feeling that Qiancheng Yan would certainly be paired up against Liang Wen…

Currently, there were two elders sitting opposite of each other in a restaurant while frequently casting their gaze downward, looking at the crowd below them.

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