EAA Chapter 801


Chapter 801 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 3

The Demon Spirit’s sharp shriek abruptly soared through the sky when it saw Mu Ru Yue heading toward it.


It dashed to the distance before Mu Ru Yue could say anything.

Its escaping speed stunned Mu Ru Yue…


‘I don’t think I have done anything. Why is he that afraid of me?’

Erm…” Mu Ru Yue rubbed her nose with the corner of her lip twitching slightly when she received the peculiar gazes from the crowd. She then said her stand, “I really didn’t do anything. I also didn’t know what happened…”

Shu Ning took in a cold breath and with a bitter smile, she asked, “Yue Er, just how much secrets do you possess?”

Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders as she just smiled. A ray of light shone past her eyes when she thought about the Demon spirit’s expression.

‘Can that person that made the Demon Spirit that terrified by little Huang Er?

‘That kid really have too many secrets…’

Liang Wen snapped out from his shock. Yet, he instantly felt a chill surged through his body from his feet when the girl suddenly looked at him making him tremble from the coldness.

“Did you tweak with our Teleportation Talismans?”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly. Her cold words were like a dagger piercing Liang en’s heart, making him tremble even more.

“I… I was just speaking nonsense previously…” Liang Wen hastily denied what he did.

‘I mustn’t admit no matter what. If I did, it would be the same as seeking my death.’

“Is that so?” Mu Ru Yue smiled.

It was unknown to Liang Wen why his heart jolted a little when he saw her light smile.


His complexion turned deathly pale.

“I wonder what outcome will we have if we didn’t have the Teleportation Talisman when facing such a ferocious beast,” Mu Ru Yue smiled while she said that. But her pair of black eyes were glacial as she looked coldly at him…

Liang Wen bit his lips as he persuaded, “Aren’t all of you fine now? Moreover, I wasn’t the one that tweaked the talismans. It is the City’s manor. It must be done by the City’s manor. It doesn’t have anything to do with me!”

‘If you’re capable, you should go and seek vengeance on the City’s manor. I will never admit no matter what.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you admit doing it or not. It suffices for me to firmly believe that it was you.” Mu Ru Yue smiled as she continued, “Furthermore, my team would have perished if I wasn’t for my luck. How do you think I should settle this debt with you?”

Frankly, she wouldn’t face danger even if the Demon Spirit didn’t leave at the end as she had Bai Ze with her. However, what if she didn’t meet up with Bai Ze prior to this incident?

She would be in critical danger…

Thus, she wouldn’t let off anyone that tries to endanger her life!

“Do you want to go against the rules?!” Liang Wen’s heart shuddered as he yelled.

“We are within the competition ground so it can’t be counted as going against the rule even if I made a move on you now. The competition hasn’t ended as long as we are still here.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly as she walked slowly toward Liang Wen.

Liang Wen’s expression turned increasingly grim. He didn’t fear Mu Ru Yue as she was just at the Xiantian Mid Rank. Why would he need to fear such a weak martial practitioner?

But what he worried about was that Demon Spirit!

‘Even though the Demon Spirit left due to unknown reason, it is undeniable that the Demon Spirit knew this girl. If it returns again, I will really be doomed…’  

“Mu Ru Yue, if you’re capable, you should prove your might in the competition!” Liang Wen hastily yelled, “It can’t be said to be your capability by borrowing the might of that Demon Spirit!”

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