EAA Chapter 800


Chapter 800 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 2

The enormous figure that covered the sky charged toward Mu Ru Yue, carrying a sinister killing intent with it. The crowd’s expression changed drastically when they saw that sight.

“Master, be careful!”

“Yue Er!”

Yet, it was already too late as the Demon Spirit had quickly neared Mu Ru Yue, charging toward her with its enormous body.


An Lin’s eyes lit up when she saw the Demon Spirit pouncing toward Mu Ru Yue’s body. Maliciousness filled her eyes as she eyed on that snow-white figure like a venomous snake.

She currently had the impulse to burst out in laughter.

She couldn’t wait to see the sight where Mu Ru Yue was shredded to pieces by that Demon Spirit!

Yet, the Demon Spirit’s body froze in mid-air when it was about to reach Mu Ru Yue. Its gaze had changed from astonishment to dread, quivering in fright.

“Wha-what is your relationship with that devil?”

‘How is this possible?

‘Why is that the devil’s aura coming from her body? Hasn’t that devil vanished ten thousand years ago? Why does this twenty-year-old girl carry that horrifying scent with her?

The shuddering of the Demon Spirit’s body intensified when it thought about that…

An Lin was stumped as she dazedly looked at the enormous body in mid-air. She seemed to have been stupefied…

Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrows rose as she shot a glacial gaze the Demon Spirit.

The Devil Spirit voice changed after receiving the gaze that Mu Ru Yue had shot at him as it said with a shaky voice, “You… don’t come over!”

‘That’s right, this girl is definitely related to that devil!

‘If I kill her and it was found out by that devil, that devil will definitely not spare my life. I will probably then suffer from a punishment worse than death at that moment…’

Eh…” Mu Ru Yue looked at the Demon Spirit speechlessly as she said, “I don’t seem to have done anything. Do you need to be that scared?”

‘I initially thought of letting Bai Ze out, but it seems redundant now. I can save some time in this case…’  

The Demon Spirit was about to cry as he replied with teary eyes, “I really didn’t know you are acquainted with that devil. Lord, please spare me. If I knew that you have a connection with that devil, how could I dare to appear before you?”

‘I will never be able to forget what happened in the past. That devil had solitarily annihilated a lot of lives that year, transforming the human world into a hell with just a wave of his hand.

‘I still have lingering fear whenever I think about his terrifying power…  

‘I was just an insignificant little demon beast at that time. But it was impossible for me to forget the aura of that man…

‘He was everybody’s nightmare!

‘He was known by the world as the Devil God!

‘Yet, who could expect that the Devil God that had vanished from the continent had appeared again…

‘This is especially so when this girl doesn’t know what kind of relationship she has with that devil!

‘Even if others weren’t clear about that devil, I am clear about the protectiveness of that devil. If someone was to kill a person under his protection, they wouldn’t be able to avoid being killed by him no matter where they chose to hide!’

“Yue Er,” An Xi dazedly blinked her eyes as she looked at Mu Ru Yue with astonishment. “Do you… know him?”

Mu Ru Yue shook her head, “No, I don’t.”

‘Don’t know?

‘You should try lying to a ghost instead!

‘If you don’t know him, why is he that afraid of you? I wonder what Yue Er did to make such a ruthless and aggressive demon beast be that terrified of her…’

An Xi blinked her eyes; she couldn’t help but smile. They wouldn’t need to worry anymore.

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