EAA Chapter 799


Chapter 799 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 1

Liang Wen looked coldly at the crowd with a cynical smile. With a wave of his hand, he held tightly onto his Teleportation Talisman.


He tore it apart but then his expression changed shortly after that…

“No! Impossible!”


‘I’ve already torn the Taliman so why am I still at this place?’

A glacial aura was suddenly felt at this moment, making his body stiffen. He raised his gaze in slight astonishment as he could distinctly feel a chill penetrating into his heart at that instant.

A white robe was fluttering like snowflakes in mid-air.

Currently, Mu Ru Yue’s eyes were glacial with boundless cold aura enveloping her body. The temperature in her surrounding seemed to have even lowered his body’s temperature. The bone-piercing chill was suffocating.

“Wha-what did you do to me?!”

Liang Wen’s initial fearful voice slowly became a shaky yell.

‘That’s right, she must have done something to make that Teleportation Talisman to malfunction.’

“Nothing,” Mu Ru Yue smiled, but her smile was ice-cold. She then commented, “Since you don’t let us leave, I naturally will make you stay behind to accompany us.”

Her voice was like a breeze, but each of her words was like a sharp dagger piercing deeply into Liang Wen’s heart.

Liang Wen finally experienced fear at this instant…

“Abnormal! You’re abnormal!”, Liang Wen shrieked.

‘The runes on the Teleportation Talisman can enable the person to be connected to another place via the energy of the earth. But if one wants to stop the person from teleporting away, loads of power will be required.                    

‘This girl is too abnormal!’

An Xi was stunned as she looked at Mu Ru Yue in astonishment. She swallowed her saliva and asked, “Yue… Yue Er, how did you do that?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled but didn’t reply. She just looked coldly at Liang Wen.

A loud roar was suddenly heard from that aggressive beast that was on the ground when Liang Wen was trembling from fear. His roar was extremely loud that it seemed to have sent out a sound wave, shaking the entire mountain range for a short while.

“Elder brother Liang Wen!”

An Lin’s expression change. She no longer cared about anything else other than to use the Teleportation Talisman. But the air in her surrounding seemed to have been sealed, making it impossible for her to leave this place…

Cold Sweat flowed down An Lin’s gravely pale face with despair in her eyes. She death gazed An Xi as she yelled, “An Xi, this is all your fault! If it wasn’t for your team, I wouldn’t be in such a sorry state!”

Yet, she had never thought about whether if she had done anything wrong. She just pushed all of the responsibility onto An Xi instead…

An Xi bit her lips, but she didn’t say anything. She had already gotten used to it after so many years after all…


The Demon Spirit raised its head to give out a long roar. It then got increasingly satisfied when it saw the crowd’s fearful gaze. Following that, its gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue’s devastatingly beautiful face.

Tsk! Tsk!” It smiled peculiarly as it commented, “Ben Wang hasn’t tasted such delicious-looking human meat in ages. Your meat looks so fresh and alluring and even your mental power is tremendously strong. If I eat you, my injuries should more or less be fully recovered. Hmm, there’s even a Spiritual Master here. Haha! The harvest this time is abundant.”

The Demon Spirit’s gaze shifted its gaze from Mu Ru Yue to An Xi. But in its point of view, the temptation to devour Mu Ru Yue was much greater.

“Little girl, relax! Ben Wang will swallow you in one go so you won’t feel any pain.”

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