EAA Chapter 798


Chapter 798 – Shu Ning’s Family Background Part 4


Su Ning withdrew her gaze, no longer looking at Shu Ning.

“This place should be the deepest part of the Eternal Night Darkness.” An indifferent voice was heard from among the crowd.

It was rumoured that there was a mighty being in the Eternal Night Forest. Several experts had lost their lives after reaching this place. Yet, there were several rare treasures at this place.


Those treasures attracted experts to this place…

Yet, the moment when everyone withdrew their gaze, a roar was suddenly heard near them. Following that, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky under the crowd’s astonished gaze.

How should one describe that figure? It couldn’t be counted as a person. It was at most a monster with a human head. It was utterly ugly and had hairs that were razor sharp that seemed to be able to pierce through people’s heart. Its green eyes were staring down at the insignificant human.

“It is the rumoured aggressive Demon Spirit!”

The crowd’s expression changed as they didn’t expect the strongest being in the Eternal Night Forest was the Demon Spirit! It was rumoured that Demon Spirit’s might was at the Supreme Realm so how could their combined powers be comparable with it?

It was no wonder why so many experts lost their lives after coming to this place. What other outcomes than death would experts have after meeting with such an aggressive beast?


The crowd looked at each other before they turned around, wanting to run down the mountain.

Suddenly, the monster in mid air moved. Following that, his hair struck at the crowd that was escaping down the mountain like sharp thorns.


Its hair penetrated through their chests.

Blood started to spread out from their chest. It was as extremely beautiful as roses.

Those people that had their body struck by its hair stiffened before collapsing on the ground…

“Finished! We are doomed!”

The complexion of the crowd that saw this sight turned gravely pale.

They shouldn’t have been greedy in coming to this place. Otherwise, they wouldn’t meet with the ferocious Demon Spirit…

“How dare you insignificant human beings barge into Ben Wang’s territory!”

The Demon Spirit looked down upon the crowd as it lifted its leg to descend to the ground.

Following its steps, a tyrannical aura rose in its surrounding creating a gale. The crowd found it hard to breathe under its might.

“Elder brother Jin Kai!”

Su Ning’s complexion was pale-white as she hastily hid behind Jin Kai, looking at the mighty Demon Spirit with a dreadful gaze…

“Wha-what is it?”

An Xi’s body trembled from fear as dread was expressed in her clear, large eyes.

Some people already no longer cared about participating in this competition at this moment, hastily ripping their Teleportation Taliman and leaving the place…

“Yue Er! Shu Ning! Qiancheng Yan! Let’s return as well!”

An Xi bit her lip and raised her hand to take out the Teleportation Talisman.


She tore the talisman but she wasn’t teleported back like the others. She remained on her spot instead.

“Wha-what’s going on?” She was stunned with doubts in her eyes.

Shu Ning and Qiancheng Yan were looking at An Xi with astonished gazes. If the Teleportation Talisman didn’t work, it would mean they would die at this place today.


Liang Wen burst out laughing. With a mockery smile on his face, he ‘kindheartedly’ explained, “Half a month’s time had passed already so we have already accomplished the task in coming to this place. We naturally won’t be eliminated from the competition even if we used the Teleportation Talisman to leave now.

“Yet, it is a pity that all of you won’t be able to leave this place! It is due to me informing others to tweak with your talismans. Thus, those talismans are just a few pieces of scrap paper. I won’t continue to accompany you in dying at this place!”

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