EAA Chapter 796


Chapter 796 – Shu Ning’s Family Background Part 2

Shu Ning shook her head and with a cold ray of light that flashed past her eyes, she said, “I neither want to seek revenge nor am I willing to meet with people from Su family. If they don’t provoke me, I won’t bother with this matter. Yet, if they still harass me, I, Shu Ning, isn’t that easy to be bullied!”

An Xi moved her lips but didn’t say anything in the end.

‘It was unexpected that Shu Ning that looks so refined and elegant had such a tragic past.

‘That man isn’t worthy to be a father for doubting the words of his own daughter for another woman!’


“Forget it,” Shu Ning gripped tightly onto An Xi’s hand and said with a smile, “Even though I was doted by my father due to my outstanding innate talent in the Su family, I didn’t enjoy staying in the Su family due to my Mother’s early death. My stepmother also always sent for people to bully me. Isn’t it better that I got taken back by my maternal grandfather, leaving that kind of life?”

“But Shu Ning, why did your Mother died from unknown reason? Can her death be related to your stepmother since your father married his childhood lover shortly after your mother’s death? There are some girls that will do anything to increase their status.”

An Xi blinked her eyes as she looked at Shu Ning with watery, bright eyes.

Shu Ning’s heart instantly skipped a beat. Her expression turned grim as she proclaimed, “I haven’t thought about this before. But there is a possibility. If my Mother’s death was related to that woman, I will certainly make her pay the price!”

Shu Ning clenched her fists tightly with her body trembling at this moment…

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue stood up and turned her head to look at the depth of the cave. She then said, “There’s something I want inside this cave…”

Shu Ning nodded slightly and agreed, “Let’s have a look then. I wonder what kind of power had attracted Jin Kai’s group attention…”

She didn’t have much feelings for Jin Kai as she was forced to leave the Su family when she was seven and had never seen him after leaving.

‘Currently, my animosity toward him is all due to Su Ning that was standing by his side. She is the daughter of the woman that I hated to the bone…

‘Moreover, that woman got pregnant shortly after Mother was impregnated with me…

‘How can I not hate? Whenever I think about the scene when Mother’s cold body was still lying on the bed and that man decorated the house with lanterns and colored banners to marry another woman, my heart clenched tightly…

‘Even if I was just a new-born baby at that moment, I wanted to teach that pair of Mother and woman a harsh lesson when I heard the subordinates describing how magnificent the wedding was…’

Shu Ning took in a deep breath, getting rid of the thoughts that were muddling her mind. Following that, she followed Mu Ru Yue closely toward the depth of the cave.

“This is it.”

A figure suddenly appeared before Mu Ru Yue when she stopped walking, stunning the crowd.

The man was tall and stood with a straight back before Mu Ru Yue. His black robes fluttered slightly. He had a pair of tremendously domineering eyes on his cold, but handsome face; he seemed to be looking down on the world.

“Yue Er,” An Xi nudged Mu Ru Yue’s arm as she bit her lip to glance at the black-robed man and asked, “Who is this guy? He is a little frightening…”  


Mu Ru Yue’s lip twitched.

‘An Xi should be the first person in commenting that Yan Jin is frightening…’

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