EAA Chapter 793


Chapter 793 – Eternal Night forest Part 4

‘Jin family…’

Shu Ning said that family’s name in her heart. Following that, she took in a deep breath and introduced, “The only youthful person that has such a great cultivation in the Jin family will be Jin Kai (gold victorious)!”

A beauty by Jin Kai’s side, who was clinging intimately onto his arm, seemed to have confirmed Shu Ning’s introduction as she said with a captivating smile, “Elder brother Jin Kai, will our power increase drastically after obtaining that power?”

It was unknown to Mu Ru Yue why a tyrannical aura burst out uncontrollably from Shu Ning’s body when she was focusing on that girl.


She frowned slightly with a trace of curiosity that flashed past her eyes.

Shu Ning always had a calm and collected temperament. Why was she like this after seeing that girl?

Mu Ru Yue relaxed her tightly creased brows as she raised her hand to hold Shu Ning’s hand. It was as though Shu Ning felt the warmth of the hand that her aura slowly faded…


Jin Kai nodded coldly. His arrogant gaze took a quick glance at Mu Ru Yue and the rest but he didn’t linger his gaze on any of them. It was as if such weak people wouldn’t be able to enter his eyes.

“Hey!” The beauty frowned her pretty long, shapely eyebrows when she glanced at Mu Ru Yue and the rest. She then demanded, “This cave belongs to us now. All of you, get out of this place!”

Her expression was haughty when she said that. It was as though it was Mu Ru Yue’s team honour to give the cave to her…

“Get out?” Shu Ning sniggered, “Who are you to tell us to leave?! Immediately scram. If not, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

A glacial glint flashed past Shu Ning’s eyes. She moved in a flash to stand before the crowd as she looked coldly at the people before her.

“Shu Ning…”

An Xi was stunned for a moment as she looked dazedly at the girl that was emitting a cold aura.

It was unknown to An Xi why Shu Ning felt incredibly foreign at this moment…

“You…” The beauty’s face flushed red from fury and glared at her. With teary eyes, she complained to the man by her side, “Elder brother Jin Kai, look at her…”

Jin Kai frowned his eyebrows due to slight displeasure, making the beauty instantly shut her mouth. She looked at him with teary eyes, feeling wronged.

Other men would pity the beauty when they saw her current expression. But Jin Kai remained expressionless as his golden eyes focused on Shu Ning.

Jin Kai just raised his head to look at Shu Ning as he asked in a cold tone, “Do we know each other?”

“We don’t.”

Shu Ning gradually revealed a tinge of mockery smirk as she continued, “I’m just unwilling to leave this place…”

Jin Jai frowned slightly. Shu Ning clearly knew him, judging by her previous gaze…

“Elder brother Jin Kai.”

The beauty stomped her feet as she glared furiously at Shu Ning.

‘If gaze could kill, I would have already killed this girl a million times with death by a thousand cuts…’

“Little girl!”

Yet, a voice was suddenly heard from within Mu Ru Yue’s soul, “I can feel a power lying in this cave. It seems to be the power that I had left behind at this place. My power will be able to continue to make breakthroughs once I obtain that power.”

Yan Jin’s magnetic voice was filled with excitement when he said that. It similarly sent slight trembles to Mu Ru Yue’s heart.

“Sorry, but you can’t enter this place!”

Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the group of people before her as she said indifferently.

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