EAA Chapter 792


Chapter 792  – Eternal Night forest Part 3

The night glow covered the entire massacre occurring in the entire mountain. Corpses of Night Demon Wolves unknowingly littered everywhere in the mountain.

An Xi wiped off the sweat from her forehead. She panted profusely as she said, “This… should be enough, right?”


Shu Ning gave out a deep breath. With an elegant smile, she commented, “I didn’t expect for such an intense battle right after entering the Eternal Night Forest. Their number is overwhelming even if those Night Demon Wolves weren’t really strong. Hence, it was a little troublesome…”


An Xi nodded in agreement. She suddenly made a realization and looked at the crowd beside her as she asked, “Qiancheng Yan, aren’t you supposed to be a False Xiantian? Yue Er and Shu Ning, aren’t you both supposed to be at the Xiantian Mid Rank? Why are all of you…”

‘Why are all of your cultivations above the Xiantian Realm?!’

An Xi was unable to voice out the entire question no matter what. The previous scene had really mind-blown her…

Shu Ning smiled faintly as she explained, “An Xi, there are several hidden tigers and dragons in this large event, not only us. The power that people expressed doesn’t mean everything. Some people can hide their true cultivation so well that others wouldn’t find out.”

An Xi nodded half-understandingly as she commented with tightly clenched fists, “So all of you are that strong. I’m still weaker in comparison…”

‘I must improve my strength so that I won’t hold back the team…’

“It seems that I am the one that killed the least Night Demon Wolves”, said Qiancheng Yann. He then scratched his head in slight embarrassment and with a bashful smile, he continued, “Since that’s so, I will be preparing tonight’s dinner…”

He didn’t say further and just casually picked up some completely intact Night Demon Wolves’ corpses and left to cook…

It was tremendously beneficial for An Xi, who was a Spiritual Master, to train within the Night Demon Wolves’ corpses. Hence, she found a cave to start cultivating after Qiancheng Yan left. Souls from those corpses gradually left the Night Demon Wolves’ bodies and entered her body through the pores of her body.

“Let’s cultivate as well.” Mu Ru Yue continued with a faint smile, “The energy in the Eternal Night Forest is abundant. It will be really beneficial for our cultivation.”

Shu Ning nodded. She didn’t reply and just sat crossed-legged. She then closed her eyes and started cultivating…

“Mister Jin (gold), this is the place that I had found.”

Yet, voices were heard outside the entrance of the cave, making Mu Ru Yue open her eyes to look coldly at the people coming in from outside.

They were a group of youths dressed in luxurious clothing. The person who was in the lead was a youth dressed in a navy-blue robe. His head was turned back looking at a man behind him with a flattering smile on his face.

It was undeniable that the man had a pleasant appearance. A cold glow could be seen from his handsome and fair face. His gold hair under the night gave off an eye-dazzling glow. It was especially so from his beautiful golden eyes which was incredibly captivating.

“People from Jin (gold) family!”

Shu Ning’s breath tightened subconsciously when she looked at the man entering the cave with a peculiar light that flashed past her eyes.

But it was really obvious that she didn’t have any good impression of the man before her…

“Jin family?” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to look at Shu Ning and asked, puzzled.

“That’s right,” Shu Ning sneered as she explained, “The people from the Jin family had undergone changes since several years ago. They not only have golden hair that human should not have, they even have a pair of strange golden eyes. Thus, that man must definitely be from Jin family and his cultivation is very powerful!”

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