EAA Chapter 787


Chapter 787 – Trash Squad Part 8

“Master,” Qiancheng Yan suggested embarrassedly, “There’s coincidentally four of us. How about we form a team?”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply to him. Shu Ning raised her brows and with a smile, she agreed, “I accept!”

“I don’t have any opinion on this.”

An Xi blinked her watery, large eyes as she turned her head to look Mu Ru Yue.


“Alright.” Mu Ru Yue stayed silent for a moment before nodding slightly.

Qiancheng Yan’s eyes lit up. With a dazzling glow on his youthful face under the morning sunlight, he proclaimed, “Master, we will certainly be the champion in this competition!”

‘Not only am I at the Mystic Realm, Master’s cultivation is similarly so outstanding that even I don’t know what her cultivation is…’

“Qiancheng Yan, don’t underestimate anyone here.” Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly as she explained, “There are similarly numerous talents in this continent. But some talents just choose to hide their power instead.”

The best example would be Shu Ning that was by her side…

Shu Ning smiled elegantly and said, “I think we should go and register our team since we have already formed a team. There’s a phrase that I really support. There are hidden tigers and dragons in this competition. This is the first time that I know that there are so many talents in this world…”

‘I’ve been secretly nurtured by my family for several years to reach my current cultivation. I didn’t expect that a girl in her early twenties will be able to reach such a cultivation without much nurturement.

‘There are indeed hidden tigers and dragons in this Eastern Island.’

Shu Ning discovered that she previously was severely short-sighted after meeting Mu Ru Yue…

Qiancheng Yan was stunned for a moment as he felt that there was a deeper meaning behind their words. Confusement was expressed in his eyes; he obviously didn’t understand what they were talking about…

Everyone successfully formed a team quickly. When they saw Mu Ru Yue’s team, they initially were stunned before they burst out laughing.

“Have I seen it wrongly? The four of them formed a team?”

“The two girl’s cultivations are mediocre. The only guy in the team who was at the Xiantian Mid Rank should still be able to protect himself even though he isn’t very strong. But if they form a team, they will be doomed in the elimination round!”

Tsk! Tsk! A trash that can’t cultivate, a lousy False Xiantian, and two Xiantian Mid Rank… Can they dare to be even weaker?”

It wasn’t that they were looking down on that team. Frankly, the power they were expressing was too weak! Any team would be able to instantly defeat them! There definitely wouldn’t be any rooms for doubt!

It was especially so for An Xi from the An family. She was just a burden to the team. What use was there for a trash that couldn’t cultivate?

There were many that knew themselves well even if there wasn’t a cultivation restriction for the registration of the competition. They definitely wouldn’t humiliate themselves in participating in the competition if they hadn’t reached the Xiantian Realm…

It was a wonder where they got the courage from to come and humiliate themselves…

Yet, four of their expressions didn’t change from the start. It was as though they didn’t hear what they said…

Qiancheng Yan and An Xi were already accustomed to being mocked since young as they had heard worse comments before. On the other hand, Shu Ning had a calm and elegant personality so how could she place them in her eyes? It was needless to say for Mu Ru Yue as she just treated them as air…

“Hmph!” An Lin snorted coldly with a trace of disdain that flashed past her eyes. “An Xi is really seeking for her death!”

If this team wasn’t seeking death, what was it?

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