EAA Chapter 786


Chapter 786- Trash Squad Part 7

“Lin Er, don’t worry. Elder brother Liang won’t mistreat you. I have something to settle so I won’t be able to accompany you for a moment.” Liang Wen pinched An Lin’s waist hard again before bursting out in laughter, turning around to leave.

Shu Ning shook her head and sighed. Helpless was expressed on her beautiful and charming face.

Hmph!” An Lin snorted coldly. She raised her head arrogantly while shooting a sinister gaze at Mu Ru Yue. She then mocked, “Brat, you should see yourself in a mirror. A girl like you doesn’t qualify to carry the shoes of elder brother Liang! You are even delusional in trying to seduce him. I warn you! He is my man. You aren’t compatible with him. Only I will be compatible with him in this world. On the other hand…”

An Lin sized Mu Ru Yue up and with the mockery in her eyes intensified, she continued, “Only a beggar will be your destined partner!”


‘This girl only has beauty. Her cultivation and family background are inferior to mine. She is also delusional in wanting to transform from a sparrow to a phoenix by hooking up with Liang Wen. Does she even have the qualification to be with the Liang family’s eldest young master?’

An Lin snorted coldly upon saying that. She turned around like a prideful peacock and left.


Qiancheng Yan clenched his fists tightly with his aura bursting forth in fury. Yet, Mu Ru Yue raised her arm to block him from going after An Lin.

“It’s just words. There isn’t a need to treat them seriously. You should just treat it as though she didn’t say anything.” Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly.

If she was still enraged by just words with her current temperament, she would have wasted all those years of cultivation…

A tall and robust figure appeared on a platform before the noisy crowd. The man was middle-aged. His gaze was cold as he swept past an arrogant gaze throughout the crowd beneath the platform.

Everyone became quiet at that instant. They just silently raised their gaze to look at the middle-aged man on the platform.

“He is Housekeeper Lin Li (forest stand) of the City’s manor.”

Qiancheng Yan frowned as he whispered, “Lin Li has some connections with the Liang family.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. Glimmers flickered in her eyes but she didn’t say anything.

“Everyone,” Lin Li continued in a cold and gloomy voice, “A great welcome for everyone that has come to participate in this large event. This event will be hosted by the City manor of the City of Chaos. Thus, I hope that everyone will follow our rules!”

His gaze glanced at Mu Ru Yue’s group with a sinister gaze.

“I start by stating that nobody can make a move on competitors outside of the competition!”

In other words, whatever that happened in the competition wouldn’t have anything to do with him…

“Moreover,” He paused shortly before continuing, “The competitions will be carried out in teams. It will be four people on a team. Every member of that team must accomplish the competition task before that team can continue to the next round.”


An intense clamour rose from the crowd.

It wasn’t their first time participating in a competition but it was the first for them to participate in the competition in a team. If something was to happen to a teammate, would it mean that everyone else in the team wouldn’t be able to pass the elimination round?

Everyone discussed with the talents beside them at this instant. They hoped that there was a shortcut that they could use in this round of competition…

Cough! Cough!

Lin Li coughed drily, successfully quieting the clamouring crowd.

“Following this, I will be giving all of you eight minutes to choose your teammates. I will then bring you to the location of the competition…”His gaze was raised slightly when he said that in an arrogant and cold voice.

However, nobody already cared to digest his words as they hurriedly gathered toward those exceptional talents. As for Qiancheng Yan’s group that was viewed as a trash team, it was tranquil…  

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