EAA Chapter 783


Chapter 783 – Trash Squad Part 4

“Am I wrong to say that? The power of a Spiritual Master is indeed really strong, but they can’t use their powers frequently. Otherwise, it will be trouble if someone discovered their identity. Moreover, a Spiritual Master needs to use their own spirit’s power to control others. That kind of power will need a long time of meditation to recover. If not, it will be impossible for you to use that kind of power again…”

Mu Ru Yue lifted her gaze to look at An Xi’s adorable face. She then proclaimed, “I won’t let anyone touch you if you follow me. Moreover, I can help you in recovering your Spiritual power, allowing you to battle wherever and whenever you want…”

An Xi was stunned as she stared at Mu Ru Yue with widened eyes, eyes filled with astonishment.

She pondered.


‘Follow her?’

Frankly, An Xi had never thought about serving anyone as she feared that they would forcefully extract her soul upon knowing her might. But An Xi hesitated at this instant.

Mu Ru Yue not only seen through her power, she had such resolute and dazzling eyes under the sunset. This made people subconsciously want to believe every word she says…

“Alright, I agree!” said An Xi. She had raised her exceptionally bright pair of eyes with two dimples on her adorable baby face.

Mu Ru Yue smiled.

‘I really have such an abundance harvest in this trip. I not only have recruited Qiancheng Yan that has a Divine Body, I even get an incredibly rare Spiritual Master ,where some may not even meet with one in ten thousand years, in my hands…”

“Let’s head in.”

She no longer looked at An Xi, walking into the relay station…

Mu Ru Yue had previously used her aura to block out their conversation. Hence, An Lin was unable to hear their conversation…

“That bitch!”

An Lin clenched her fist as she glared furiously at the group of people walking away. The pain of her body made her take in a mouthful of breath, fueling the hatred in her heart.

‘A trash like An Xi does not have the qualification to participate in this competition.

‘She only brings shame to the family!’

Her glacial gaze was like a sharp dagger that pierced at the petite body when she thought about that…   

The rooms of the relay station was a three-person room. Mu Ru Yue was assigned to stay with two other girls. A yellow-robed girl appeared in her sight just when she entered the room.

The dim sunlight from sunset that shone on her face was like a thin gold layer of sand had coated her face.

She was holding a book in her hand. Her expression was calm and tranquil. It was as though she would always be so calm, no matter what storm she faces.

The girl didn’t have a devastatingly beautiful appearance but it was extremely pleasant to the eyes. It was especially so with her calm appearance, giving her a tinge of scholarly grandeur.

Anyone would just calm down while looking at her…

“You have come?” The girl seemed to have felt Mu Ru Yue’s presence. She gradually placed down the book in her hands, an elegant smile on her face. She looked remarkably peaceful. She then introduced herself, “It seems that I have not introduced myself. I am similarly a competitor in this large event, Shu Ning (relax peaceful).”

Her name was just like her person. It sounded so soothing with an indistinct scholarly aura.

“Mu Ru Yue.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled as she looked calmly at the girl standing under the sunset. It was undeniable that nobody will have a bad impression toward this girl.

“What kind of rundown place is this? How can people live in such a place?”

Yet, a disdainful voice was heard from a distant. Following that, a hand pushed open the room door, entering the room from outside.

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