EAA Chapter 782


Chapter 782- Trash Squad Part 3

The other girl had a petite body with an incredibly adorable and tender baby face, grievance filling her jet-black eyes. She rebuked weakly, “I didn’t follow you here.”

“What did you say?”

The girl in magnificent clothing glared at her with her widened beautiful eyes. Her body had shivered from fury.

‘This damnable trash dares to rebuke me!’


“Trash, quickly scram back home! I definitely won’t let you disgrace yourself at this place!”

The youthful girl with a baby face blinked her eyes and replied carefully, “But I’ve already registered myself as a competitor…”

“I don’t give a damn. Immediately scram!” The girl in gorgeous clothes yelled out while her spits flew onto An Xi’s adorable face.

An Xi wiped off the saliva on her face. She seemed to have gathered her courage to look at the girl in gorgeous clothing before her and rebuked, “An Lin (calm gem), I want to participate in the competition!”

“You…” An Lin furiously pointed a finger at An Xi as she continued, “What can a trash like you that can’t even cultivate do in this competition? Since you are so disobedient, I will teach you a lesson on behalf of Mother!”

An Lin took out a whip and struck mercilessly at the youthful girl after saying that.


Qiancheng Yan’s expression changed drastically. Just as he wanted to help her, a figure was quicker than him at moving in a flash to stand before the youthful girl, gripping onto that whip with her right hand.

Her white robes were fluttering. The colour of her robes was as simple and pleasant as snow.

The girl raised her cold face. She shot a gaze as cold as a sword at An Lin. Her lips parted slightly as she said coldly, “Scram!”


Mu Ru Yue heavily threw the whip on the ground, successfully making An Lin quickly retreat a couple of steps…


She fell to the ground…

An Xi blinked her large, adorable and bright eyes. She looked curiously at the girl in white robes as she asked, “Who are you? Why did you help me?”

The girl before her seemed to have heard her. She shot a calm gaze that was void of any ripples toward the girl.


Qiancheng Yan hastily ran toward Mu Ru Yue while looking curiously at her.

‘I know that Master has a cold personality even though I had not interact with her for long. She definitely won’t casually help someone that doesn’t have anything to do with her. She previously saved the Qiancheng family in order to repay me for picking her up from the desert.

‘Thus, she isn’t one that has sympathy.

‘Why has she saved this girl then?’

“Your name is An Xi?” Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply Qiancheng Yan. She continued staring at the youthful girl’s beautiful face.

An Xi stuck out her tongue and replied, “Yes.”

“Spiritual Master?” Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes with a trace of light that flashed past her eyes.

An Xin was stunned for a moment, looking nervously at Mu Ru Yue. She couldn’t help but retreat a couple of steps while constantly shaking her head. “You… are wrong. I am not a Spiritual Master!”

There was a type of human soul that could forcefully possess a body in this continent. That kind of people couldn’t cultivate energy but cultivate soul. Hence, they were called Spiritual Master.

Moreover, they could use the soul’s power to hurt people and even control other people’s soul…

For example, a Fifteenth Rank Spiritual Master could control a Mystic realm expert…

Yet, it was similarly really dangerous to be a Spiritual Master.

It was due to some people that would capture Spiritual Masters and forcefully extract their souls. They could then increase the power of their soul after fusing that strong soul into their body.

It was no wonder why she panicked so much after Mu Ru Yue exposed her…

“You are really pitiful.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze to look at An Xi and smiled lightly.

“What did you say?”

An Xi’s eyes turned bloodshot from her anger. Fury brimmed in her teary, large eyes.

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