EAA Chapter 779


Chapter 779 -Victory Part 8

“It’s really simple. The competition will be between martial practitioners and alchemists. It will be organized by the Martial Sect and the Alchemy Sect respectively. Not only will the victor get a prize, they can also be recruited into those two sects…” Qiancheng Yan’s eyes lit up as he seriously explained it.

Mu Ru Yue looked up after after a long time. She then commented, “I should immediately depart for the City of Chaos…”

“Master, I’m quite familiar with the City of Chaos. How about I lead you there?”

Mu Ru Yue remained silent for a while before nodding and agreeing, “Alright.”


Qiancheng Yan’s eyes lit up instantly, he said, “I will go prepare now.”

He left the courtyard upon saying that.

Mu Ru Yue pondered as she looked at Qiancheng Yan’s departing figure.

‘I can only make use of such a way to let Wu Chen find me since I can’t locate him…’

Qiancheng Yan quickly prepared the luggages. The people of the Qiancheng family bid them farewell, even though they were really reluctant for her to leave. Qiancheng Yan and Mu Ru Yue left the Continent of Jun under their gazes…

The City of Chaos was surrounded by mountains from all directions. The terrain was harsh and incomparably confusing. It should’ve been impossible for people to live under such conditions. Killing and stealing were commonplace…

Mu Ru Yue glanced at the majestic city gates of the City of Chaos. She rubbed her chin slightly and, before stepping inside, commented, “So this is the City of Chaos. It doesn’t seem much different from other cities.”

A scorn-filled voice suddenly entered her ears. “Isn’t that Qiancheng family’s Qiancheng Yan? Haha! I thought you would’ve already died. Why are you here? Could it be that you’re also here to participate in the competition? If so, here’s some advice, don’t even think about it!”

Mu Ru Yue frowned and shot an ice-cold glare at the group of people nearing them.

Leading the crowd was a handsome youth. He had a sword-like brows, but contempt-filled his gaze. It was as if he treated Qiancheng Yan as trifle.

“Liang Wen (bridge literacy)!

Qiancheng Yan’s expression changed. His gaze turned cold as he said, “What do you want?”

“What I want? Hehe!”

Liang Wen sniggered as his gaze swept to Mu Ru Yue who stood next to Qiancheng Yan. His eyes immediately lit up and he almost drooled.

“Qiancheng Yan, I remember you seem quite close to the young mistress of the Continent of Jun’s manor. Who is this girl then? You should suffice with having Jun Mo Yan. How about giving this girl to me?”

He purposely fanned himself with a handheld fan like a gentlemen while his gaze wantonly sized up Mu Ru Yue. He didn’t in the slightest notice Mu Ru Yue’s aura was getting increasingly colder.

“Liang Wen, she isn’t someone you can obtain!” Qiancheng Yan clenched his fists tightly as he had the urge to punch Liang Wen’s nose.

But he forcefully suppressed his impulse as he didn’t want to create trouble for his Master…

“Qiancheng Yan, I know that a man can’t help but have an affair. However, Jun Mo Yan’s family backing is really powerful. No matter what, you shouldn’t abandon her for another girl. So how about letting me have this beauty? I definitely won’t mistreat you! How much money do you want? You can just name a price and I’ll pay it. You can even request a Mundane Stage Peak Realm pill in exchange for her if you don’t want money!”

Qiancheng Yan sniggered at the oblivious Liang Wen.

‘If Liang Wen knew that the girl that he’s treating like a nobody without any family background can freely use Mundane Stage Peak Realm pills, how would he feel…’

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