EAA Chapter 777


Chapter 777 -Victory Part 6

Her emotions had been fluctuating throughout the day.

She was initially worried for Qiancheng Yan, then shocked by his might. But anger overwhelmed her shock when Qin Luo went against the rules and made a move against Qiancheng Yan. If it weren’t for her maidservant holding her back, she definitely would’ve ignored all the rules to run to him.

Lastly, her emotions shifted from excitement to relief upon seeing the final outcome…

Father no longer had a reason to obstruct their relationship anymore!


“The duel has ended.” Jun Lin Tian stood up and glanced at the young couple who were embracing each other. He then coldly said, “I will stick to my promise and allow Qiancheng Yan to marry Yan Er, but he must be Jun family’s live-in son-in-law!”

Qiancheng Yan heaved a sigh of relief. Forget being a live-in son-in-law, he didn’t mind being his slave or servant to be with Yan Er.

But when he was about to agree, Jun Mo Yan raised her hand to stop him.

The young girl raised her beautiful face in the sunlight. Her eyes filled with determination, she declared, “Father, Yan Er is really grateful for your nurture but your current actions have hurt Yan Er’s heart. Therefore, I, Jun Mo Yan, will no longer be a daughter of the Jun family. Starting from today, I will only be Qiancheng family’s daughter-in-law!”

Jun Lin Tian’s expression changed, he yelled angrily, “Imprudent! Yan Er, do you really want to abandon your father for this man?”

Jun Mo Yan sneered as she replied, “Father, you clearly knew that elder brother Qiancheng and I are deeply in love with each other! Yet, you purposely put him on the spot. To finish the task you gave him, he didn’t mind risking his life to find those medicinal plants. But you went back on your word and wanted me to marry Qin Fei!

“More importantly, you don’t even care about my life! These actions have really broken my heart! You finally agreed to let me marry him after elder brother Qiancheng Yan defeated Qin Fei. However, you want elder brother Qiancheng Yan to be a live-in son-in-law? He’s the only son of the Qiancheng family, but I’m not the only daughter of the Jun family! Please stop constantly imposing your wishes on me!”

Jun Lin Tian was stunned. He looked at Jun Mo Yan’s resolute expression in disbelief.

‘Did my lovely and obedient daughter really say those words?’

“Yan Er, everything I did was for your sake! Previously, Qiancheng Yan was inferior to Qin Fei so it was better for you to marry Qin Fei. Currently, I want Qiancheng Yan to be a live-in son-in-law to prevent him from bullying you… How could you not understand what father has been doing for you?”

Jun Mo Yan shook her head as she rebuked, “Father, you keep on saying everything you do is for my sake. But is any of this what I really want? You thought Qiancheng Yan was too weak to protect me. But he will do everything in his power to protect me in a time of crisis in the future, even if he isn’t strong enough. On the other hand, so what if Qin Fei is stronger than Qiancheng Yan? If we really meet an expert one day, with his selfish personality, he’d definitely leave me behind to escape!”

Jun Lin Tian’s heart shuddered unknowingly after hearing what she said.

He did indeed originally think that Qiancheng Yan couldn’t protect his daughter. But he had never thought of what would happen if they faced a crisis…

Since he invested a lot of effort and love into their relationship, Qiancheng Yan would certainly protect Jun Mo Yan with all his might. But Qin Fei was usually fickle in his relationships, he even had several concubines. He could ignore everything, including his family, for his own benefit. Was that really the kind of person he could entrust his daughter to?

“Yan Er…” Jun Lin Tian called out, his voice choked with emotion.

He was momentarily at a loss for words. His daughter, who was currently standing before him, seemed so distant. Grief slowly filled his heart…

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  1. Jun Lin Tian ask for it. He sows what he reaps. In the end, it is still for his own benefit to have a powerful son-in-law. It has nothing to do with his own daughter’s happiness.

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