EAA Chapter 776


Chapter 776 -Victory Part 5

She was speaking the truth. Xiao Bai and Xiao Yue had broken through to the Spiritual Realm and, recently, Yan Jin had likewise broken through.

So she did indeed had three Spiritual Realm demon beasts. As her final trump card, she also had a man with a cultivation higher than the Spiritual Realm…

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze softened at the thought of the divine-like man…

And yet, her words stumped the crowd.


What did she say? That she had three Spiritual Realm demon beasts in her possession? Anyone would be satisfied if they owned one Spiritual Realm demon beast, but she owned three.

Did she really said it wasn’t a lot in the end?

Everyone took in a deep breath as they looked at Mu Ru Yue with resentment. This girl must be intentionally taunting them…


Xiao Yue roared as she dashed toward Dou Lin.

Dou Lin wasn’t a fool. He was just a Spiritual Realm expert. How could he possibly attempt fighting against two demon beasts? He shot a final glance at Mu Ru Yue before unhesitatingly turning around to flee.

“Elder Dou Lin, you can’t abandon me here!”

Qin Luo turned pale with fright. He wanted to chase after him, but he was blocked by an enormous figure after he ran a few steps.

Eyes full of smiles entered his line of sight.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Xiao Bai’s voice was still youthful. His breath blew onto Qin Luo’s face, instantly making Qin Luo’s heart shudder.

“That’s it! I’m doomed…”

‘I thought that with Elder Dou Lin here, nobody would dare make a move on me. I didn’t expect that woman to have two mighty demon beasts.

‘Especially a demon beast of the rare and noble Dragon race!’

“Let me go! I’m begging you, let me go…”

“Let you go?” Xiao Bai smiled exceptionally sinisterly, he continued, “Then how come I heard someone hooting at my owner before?”


The enormous dragon that was blocking his way roared before he could say anything more. Intense white flames shot towards him, enveloping his body. The flames even burned his soul…

No one knew that such an event would occur at a battle they thought they knew who the victor would be. The girl’s name would be spread all over Eastern Island…

“Head of the Qiancheng family, may I know who this lady is…?”

The head of the Lin family turned his head to look at Qiancheng Yun Long with an amiable smile.

‘Since she is willing to help Qiancheng Yan, her relationship with the Qiancheng family shouldn’t be simple. Could she be Qiancheng Yun Long’s illegitimate daughter? If so, I must use all my skills to become allies with the Qiancheng family…’

Qiancheng Yun Long came back to his senses. He then replied with a smile, “Lady Mu is Yan Er’s master.”


The crowd was stunned, they all centered their gazes on Mu Ru Yue.

Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that this peerlessly magnificent girl was Qiancheng Yan’s master. Could the increase in Qiancheng Yan’s power be because of her? How powerful was she be to be able to improve his might so drastically?

Perhaps the Qiancheng family would flourish after today. They would gain the attention of numerous powers from having such a tyrannical master…

“Elder brother Qiancheng!”

Jun Mo Yan lifted her skirt slightly as she ran towards the youth on the arena stage. She leaped into his embrace, both her hands gripping tightly onto his sleeve. Choked up with emotion, she then chided him, “Elder brother Qiancheng, please don’t ever… do such a foolish act in the future. If you die, Yan Er definitely won’t be able to continue living!”

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