EAA Chapter 774


Chapter 774 -Victory Part 3

According to Senior Dan, the Dou family’s Madam should’ve once been her grandmother’s personal maid, the one who’d impersonated her grandmother. If so, the Qin family had some relations with that maidservant…

Qin Luo didn’t pay attention to the change in Mu Ru Yue’s expression. He continued to say with a sneer, “Stinky brat, it’s only natural for my son to try and kill him. It’s all because he doesn’t have a strong background! Since my son wants to take his life, he should just stand still and let my son kill him. But this brat not only resisted, he even hurt my son. He must repent for it with his life!”

Mu Ru Yue suddenly smiled, but that smile didn’t reach her eyes.

Her pair of ink-black eyes were glacial.


“So you’re the stepbrother of that maidservant. Furthermore, it seems that your identity isn’t that simple.” Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly, a glint of cold light flashed in her eyes.

‘If I remembered correctly, Senior Dan told me that maidservant’s surname is Qin…’

“What do you mean?” Qin Luo was stunned, he looked puzzled at Mu Ru Yue. Her appearance was as cold as ice.

“Initially, I didn’t plan on taking your lives. But since both of you are related to that maidservant, I don’t see any reason not to kill you!”

‘If it weren’t for that maidservant, why would mother have had to leave her family and wander outside?

‘If it weren’t for her, how could grandmother, who was innocent, die without anyone knowing about it?’

A ball of fury blazed in Mu Ru Yue’s heart when she thought of Madam Sheng Yue living in isolation and impoverishment. The coldness of her gaze when she looked at Qin Luo intensified.


Numerous flames abruptly floated before her. The flames dyed the entire sky crimson red, making her look like a terrifying demoness.

“Wha-what are you doing?”

Qin Luo’s eyes widened in fright. He couldn’t help but retreat a couple steps.

He could clearly feel the might of the flames. He couldn’t match up to the girl’s might…


The flames formed an enormous sword in the sky, striking toward Qin Luo’s head.

With bloodshot eyes, he shrieked, “No!”

The flame sword shot downwards without any warning. However, a mighty force countered that sword.


The enormous sword evaporated midair…

An elderly figure suddenly appeared midair. His robes fluttering, the grey-robed elder stood in the air with a powerful aura emitting from his body.

“Elder Dou Lin (woods)!”

Qin Luo was elated and hastily went forth to complain to the elder, “Elder Dou Lin, these people not only killed my son, they want to kill me. You definitely mustn’t let them off!”

Dou Lin furrowed his snow-white brows. He then shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue before using a lecturing tone to chide her, “Little girl, you should learn to forgive people when you can. It doesn’t seem to be a big issue so let’s just close this matter. Can this Lady give this elder some face?”

The killing intent from Mu Ru Yue’s body didn’t decrease as she sneered and replied, “And if I say… no?”

“Little girl, you shouldn’t be too extreme in whatever you do so that, in the future, you can meet on good terms. It will only be detrimental to you if you take too many lives!” Elder Dou Lin replied calmly, his face was slightly gloomy.

Haha!” Mu Ru Yue burst out laughing as she rebuked, “I wonder who has more lives on their hands, me, or your Qin family? If Qiancheng Yan wasn’t strong enough, he would’ve already been killed by Qin Fei. If I hadn’t helped Qiancheng Yan in time, the head of the Qin family would’ve killed him even though Qiancheng Yan managed to defeat Qin Fei! When they made their move against him, why didn’t they think to not be too extreme? Since they didn’t show mercy, then why should I?”

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  1. Why do they insist on using “stinky” constantly as an insult? Is it a cultural thing that is more insulting in Asian countries than it is in western countries? Cause I can only think that they sound like children when an adult person calls another stinky. Or is it some kind of trope that shows a death flag for someone who is going to die?

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