EAA Chapter 773


Chapter 773 -Victory Part 2


The crowd looked astonished at Qin Fei, who had collapsed on the ground. His breath was incredibly feeble. It was clear that he hadn’t die yet, but was very close to it…

Qin Luo (river) stood up abruptly. Eyes wide, he shouted, “Fei Er!”

Afterwards, he shot a murderous glare at Qiancheng Yan. He yelled in fury, “Qiancheng Yan, you dared kill my son. I demand your life as compensation!”


He no longer cared about the arena’s rules right now, immediately leaving his seat to charge at Qiancheng Yan…

A mighty pressure that could suffocate people was released from his body. Qiancheng Yan’s gaze finally changed, it became slightly colder.

“Yan Er!”

Qiancheng Yun Long stood up hastily, his expression had changed drastically. But it was obvious that he wouldn’t make it in time. He could only watch on as that man would soon strike his son…

No one dared to look at the following gruesome sight. As Qin Luo’s hand approached Qianchang Yan’s body, they all shut their eyes.

They didn’t expect that Qin Luo would be so despicable. He made a move on Qiancheng Yan because he couldn’t accept his son was hurt.

There was a rule that spectators who weren’t participating in the competition were forbidden from making any moves in the arena! Also, the battle wouldn’t stop until their opponent conceded.

But the sound of Qiancheng Yan’s body hitting the ground wasn’t heard even after a long time.

Some people couldn’t help but open their eyes. Then they all stared blankly at the current breathtaking sight.

A girl’s white robes were fluttering along with the wind in the gale. Her waterfall-like hair flashed past the crowd’s eyes.

The girl was securely holding onto Qin Luo’s blade. Her expression was indifferent, as if only an insignificant ant was standing before her…

But even more shocking was that the girl was just too young. At most, she seemed about twenty-four to twenty-five years old. How could such a youthful girl be unwounded after bare-handedly receiving Qin Luo’s attack?

Everyone was momentarily stunned, their eyes focused on her fluttering white robes.

“Who are you?!”

Qin Luo’s expression changed completely, the gloominess of his gaze intensified. He warned, “Lady, I advise you don’t meddle in this matter. Our Qin family is an existence you definitely can’t afford to offend!”

Mu Ru Yue glanced at his distorted face while saying at her own pace, “An existence that I can’t offend? I don’t know of an existence I can’t afford to offend.”


Qin Luo’s gaze was terrifyingly dark, there seemed to be a storm brewing in his eyes. He shouted, “Stinky brat, get out of my way! That brat dared to hurt my son. I must make him pay with his life!”

He had a sinister expression, his glowing, green eyes stared fixedly at the youth behind Mu Ru Yue…

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly as she commented, “If I remember correctly, it was your son that wanted to kill him first. If Qiancheng Yan was weaker than him, there would already be a corpse lying on the ground. However, Qiancheng Yan didn’t kill your son, he just injured him.”

It wasn’t that Qiancheng Yan was merciful enough to leave Qin Fei alive. Indeed, his sword didn’t take Qin Fei’s life, but it had crippled him instead. Qin Fei would no longer cause misfortune in the world ever again!

“Stinky brat, do you know who I am? I’m the step-brother of the Dou family’s Madam! If you dare to make even the slightest move on my Qin family, I definitely won’t let you off!”

‘Dou family’s Madam?’

That title weighed heavily on Mu Ru Yue’s heart, successfully making her narrow her eyes.

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  1. En verdad, su hijo está bien solo un poco lastimado y actúa así… además hermanastro de cierta persona… jeje está cortejando a la muerte.

    1. Post

      Madam Dou should be Mu Ru Yue’s maternal Grandmother but is currently being impostered by a maidservant of her Grandmother that killed her Grandmother, in order to take her place.

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