EAA Chapter 768


Chapter 768 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 6

“Understood, head!”

Two guards that were chasing after Jun Mo Yan briskly came forth to separate her from Qiancheng Yan. But Jun Mo Yan continued to grip tightly onto Qiancheng Yan’s hand, refusing to let go. Her teary beautiful eyes deeply stung Qiancheng Yan’s heart.

“Yan Er, don’t worry. I will definitely take you away with me in half a month’s time!” He held securely onto her tender, little hands. His eyes were filled with reluctance and sorrow. But most of his gaze was filled with resolution toward his beloved girl…

‘I won’t let her go no matter what!’


Jun Mo Yan’s hand was separated from his palm by the guards that were pulling her away from him.

She wailed heartrendingly at the moment her hand separated from him as she shouted, “Elder brother Qiancheng, Yan Er will be waiting for you. I will always be waiting for you no matter what!”

“Yan Er!”

Qiancheng Yan clenched his fists so tightly that they trembled as he watched Jun Mo Yan being forcefully pulled away. Pain enveloped his heart.

‘If… if I have sufficient power, can it be that I won’t be forcefully separated from my beloved girl? If I am strong enough, nobody can interfere in my relationship…

‘I must defeat Qin Fei no matter what price I have to pay. I will then be able to leave this place with my beloved girl, not getting interfered by anyone…’

A peculiar light flashed past Jun Lin Tian’s eyes as he looked at the youth’s firm and upright back…

Qiancheng Yun Long was anxiously pacing back and forth inside the main hall of the Qiancheng family’s manor under the sunset. When he suddenly saw a youth coming toward him, his eyes instantly lit up as he went to greet him.

“Yan Er, how is it?”

Qiancheng Yan shook his head as he replied, “The governor said that I can only marry Yan Er if I defeat Qin Fei…”

Qiancheng Yun Long’s heart shuddered as he commented bitterly, “Defeat Qin Fei? Qin Fei is already at the Xiantian Full Circle Realm. How can you defeat him?”

“Father, I can’t let Yan Er marry Qin Fei no matter what.” Qiancheng Yan raised his gaze to look at Qiancheng Yun Long. With a resolute gaze, he said, “Please help me resolve the seal in my body.”

Qiancheng Yun Long’s finger trembled a little as he advised, “Yan Er, you should know the outcome of removing that seal. Your power is too strong for your body, weakening it. I then found an expert to seal your power. But if you resolve the seal, your body will weaken again. Furthermore, you can only live for at most five years after the removal of the seal…”

“But I will be a living dead without Yan Er. Every day will just be a torture to me. If I can have her by my side in exchange for me to live only for five more years, I will be satisfied.”

He raised his head to look at the middle-aged man before him with his voice firm and determined.

“Father, do you really want your son to suffer every day? Yan Er is the bane of my life, but I don’t mind it. I don’t want to lose her. Currently, there’s only that way. Otherwise, I can only watch on as she marries Qin Fei. Yan Er looks really delicate externally, but she has a fiery personality. She will definitely choose to commit suicide than to humiliate herself by marrying someone else. If Yan Er dies, your son will certainly not continue living in this world!”

Qiancheng Yun Long knew that Qiancheng Yan had already made up his mind.

‘If I really reject him, perhaps the bitter fated couple will really die together…’   

“Yan Er, that alchemist had judged that you could only live for five years so he didn’t have the choice but seal your power. Thus, once the seal is removed, you can only have five years to live. If you die five years later, won’t Yan Er also…”

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  1. Otra historia de amor y otro que es llamado basura, ahhh lástima para ese mal suegro que allí esté la mejor alquimista médico del este mundo…
    ¿Quién colocó ese sello en él?

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      we will know who placed the seal on him as the story continues on xD [P.S google translate FTW!] Ecle~ can you please comment in english so that most of us can understand?

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