EAA Chapter 765


Chapter 765 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 3

“Who is it?!”

Zhao Lin climbed back up on his feet. With a furious gaze, he yelled, “Who is it that ambushed me? Quickly scram out!”


A flame was shot through the air, striking onto Zhao Lin’s chest.



Zhao Lin was instantly sent flying backward again, crashing heavily onto the ground.

Yet, another shot of flames instantly enveloped his entire body before he could react…

Everyone was stunned. They obviously hadn’t snapped out from their shock from the sudden situation as they stared dazedly at Zhao Lin who was yelling in agony…


‘Quickly escape!’

Everyone from the Tiger Dragon Sect had such thoughts. They looked at one another before hastily dropping their weapons, running down the mountain.

The people of the Qiancheng family heaved a sigh of relief after seeing their departure. But they didn’t pursue after them.

Qiancheng Yan just shouted at the clear blue sky instead, “May I ask who is this senior that had saved us?”

Silence replied him as there wasn’t any response…

Qiancheng Yan frowned before saying, “Senior, I, Qiancheng Yan, is greatly grateful for your help that saved all of our lives. May I ask to see senior so that I can repay your benevolence?”

A breeze blew past. The forest was as tranquil as ever, void of any sound…  

“Young master,” Xiong Da rubbed his head before he chuckled and commented, “Can it be an expert that was passing by could not stand what was happening so he saved our lives?”

Qiancheng Yan’s tightly creased brows relaxed as he replied, “Perhaps that’s the case. Xiong Da, let’s go. Our harvest from this trip is great. It can be counted that we have gathered sufficient bestowal gifts to the Junmo (monarch nothing) family.”

A gentle light surged in his clear eyes as he turned his head to look at the horse carriages behind his while he said that.

A horse carriage was speeding down the bustling street of the Continent of Jun. Everyone that saw the symbol on the horse carriage expressed sympathy.

Xiong Da that was steering the horse carriage felt that it was a little unusual but he didn’t think much about it. He just rapidly drove the horse carriage toward the Qiancheng family’s manor.

The large doors of the Qiancheng family’s manor had been split into halves at this moment. The door plate and the stone lions beside the entrance had collapsed onto the ground.

The entrance was in a mess from afar; it no longer had its original grand sight.

“Wha-what is going on?” Xiong Da was stunned for a moment before he dismounted the horse, dazedly looking at the sight before him.

They had just left the Qiancheng family’s manor for a few months. Why could such great changes occur in the Qiancheng family’s manor?

Qiancheng Yan’s steps stumbled a little. With his fists trembling and anger expressed on his youthful face, he shouted, “The Qin family! It must be the Qin family!”

A servant ran out from within the manor as Qiancheng Yan said that. When that servant saw Qiancheng Yan at the entrance of the manor, he dazed for a moment before turning his head back and shouted.

“Head, young master is back! The young master is back!”

A staggering middle-aged man walked out from the broken entrance doors after that servant said that. When the middle-aged man saw the youth that was at the entrance, a layer of tears subconsciously glazed over his eyes.

“Yan Er, you are finally back. The Qin family said that they had already hired assassins to kill you. I thought…”

‘I thought I will never be able to see my son again in my life.’

“Father!” Qiancheng Yan took in a deep breath, but it wasn’t able to suppress the flames of anger burning in his heart. He asked, “What happened?”

Qiancheng Yun Long (thousand undertake cloud dragon) smiled bitterly as he replied, “It is the Qin family!”

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