EAA Chapter 76


EAA Chapter 76 – You’re Incompatible With Her

The enraged Wu Yu didn’t even listen to what Mu Ru Yue had to say. With a snort, he left to settle the score with Tian Yuan. The pitiful Tian Yuan would undergo another round of undeserved calamity. This time, the reason for his dressing down was his disciple fancying someone he shouldn’t.

Of course, the outcome of that was him being violently bashed by Wu Yu.

In Jing King Manor.


Within a peaceful courtyard, Ye Tian Feng was contentedly sun tanning. It was as though he could already foresee the scene where Mu Ru Yue willingly entered his embrace. He couldn’t bear to not smile.

At this moment, a figure suddenly charged straight into the manor, shocking Ye Tian Feng. When he shifted his gaze to see who dared to barge into his Jing King Manor. He opened his mouth to speak, only to pause when he saw the gloomy expression on the intruder’s face.

Ye Tian Feng’s heart skipped a beat. ‘Can it be that since I retained Ting Er, master has come to settle the score with me?’

“Master, why have you come? If you want Ting Er to return to you, you just need to have someone inform me. Why have you come personally? I will let her leave with you now.”

Currently, Ye Tian Feng still thought Tian Yuan kept Mu Ting Er as his Yao Tong because of her talent.

“Leave that girl here temporarily before sending her back after a few days.” Tian Yuan shook his head. “I’ve come to you for a different matter. I’ve heard that you want to marry Mu Ru Yue of the Mu family?”

“Indeed. Master, Mu Ru Yue’s talent is great. She has the qualification to be matched up with me.” Ye Tian Feng didn’t understand what Tian Yuan was up to. When was he so interested in his marriages?

“Disciple, just give up.” Tian Yuan sighed. “You’re incompatible with her, so you should let her go. Otherwise, you’ll definitely give rise to undeserved calamity. When that time comes, even I won’t be able to protect you.”

Ye Tian Feng looked at a loss at Tian Yuan. ‘What does master’s words means? Can it be that Mu Ru Yue has a master of higher cultivation than master? How can that be?

“But, master….”

“Enough!” Tian Yuan bellowed coldly as he interrupted Ye Tian Feng. “If you persist in going after her, you won’t be my disciple from now on. I’ve not lived long enough yet, so I don’t want to be dragged into that mess by you.”

Upon saying that, he ignored the astonished Ye Tian Feng and left the manor.

“Li Lu, these are the experts you’ve gathered?” Inside the Mu Residence, Mu Ru Yue sized up the men before her and nodded in approval. “They aren’t bad. These are the Essence Purification Pills that I’ve promised. Consume it!”

In truth, the person with the highest status was neither the Emperor of a Kingdom nor the leader of a sect; it was the alchemist who could manufacture miraculous pills.

Any alchemist expert would be treated as a guest in any country or sect they visit. Those miraculous pills in their hands were priceless.

Thus, when people heard that they really had an Essence Purification Pill to consume, they became excited and looked gratified at Mu Ru Yue.

If it wasn’t for her, they probably wouldn’t be able to consume such a pill in their life.

Those hot blooded men’s hands trembled as they held onto the pill. This was neither cabbage nor a Human Stage Low Rank pill; it was a genuine Earth Stage Mid Rank Essence Purification Pill.

“Mistress, you really treat us well.” Touched, Li Lu wiped his tears from his face. “My father initially gave me a beating for becoming a servant, but being able to follow you as my mistress is my greatest fortune. I will never regret this decision.”

After saying that, Li Lu raised his head and swallowed the pill.

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  1. Lol. He has guts, Ill give him that. And a truckload of ego. Blegh.

    I’d like to imagine someone unlikely to go, but I have to admit, Tian Yuan’s the strongest candidate to actually barge in on YTF.

  2. My money’s on Wu Chen. Heh, but it wouldnt hurt if it’s Tian Yuan. That Tian Feng though…my gosh…his self appraisal is top notch! Tsk! Tian Feng…oi you! You cant even compare to Wu Chen’s pinky finger! Hmp! Hmp!

  3. We got a protective awesome grandfather named Wu Yu who want to chop the stud horse into pieces, We got a cute two faced handsome crafty fox named Wu Chen who might to do a perfect combo of tekken to the stud horse. We got Tian Yuan who would be definitely pulling his hair till he goes bald at the idiocy of his disciple.

    I say, get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

  4. I’m thinking Tian Yuan too. Wu Yu has to keep his relationship secret, and Wu Chen has to keep acting dumb, so at most he would just beat him up secretly. No matter who it is, this brat is going to end up in some sort of pile of grotesque mashed up flesh.

  5. Thank you so much for translating. It makes my day to read about a strong not slutty heroine. And one who isn’t as two faced as Su luo in the demonic king chases his wife. Wishing every one Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Colorado in the USA.

  6. Tian Yu 99% sure. Leaving a tiny way out for it to be MRY who goes to settle it herself.
    No one else would get away with baring in like that on the crown prince. Well, at least not without revealing a secret they want to still keep.

  7. Tian Feng, willingly come into your embrace your uncle! The day she even willingly touches you is the day that all hell will come, a.k.a. Wu Chen’s gonna kick your ass to the yellow river.

  8. I like this Li Lu guy. He sticks to his words, even if he is a general’s son. He isn’t ashamed of being a servant. He’s pretty loyal to her

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