EAA Chapter 759


Chapter 759 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 8

It was a pity that she, Zi Shao, wasn’t one that would wait helplessly for death!

“Zi Shao, just kill me if you want to and stop asking me about that lord. He is too ruthless so I don’t want to fall into his hands. I definitely won’t say anything!”

Zi Shao sneered as she agreed, “Alright, I shall grant you your wish!”



The sharp sword cut through Yun Qi’s neck, decapitating his head. Following that, she raised the carriage’s hanging screen, walking out from it.

She glanced at the cart driver that was running away.

Her gaze chilled. Zi Shao released her aura without any hesitation.


It had landed on that cart driver.

Instantly, that cart driver spat out a mouthful of blood while spasming a little. He then couldn’t move a single muscle.


The door to a dark room was suddenly kicked open. The girl that had curled up her body in a corner of the room got a fright and shuddered a little. But when she raised her head, she saw the face that was filled with anxiousness.


Nangong Zi Lan’s eyes lit up before tears welled out from her eyes.

Zi Shao’s heart stung when she saw Nangong Zi Lan’s current appearance.


Zi Shao cut the chain that was confining her before raising her arms to embrace her.

“Zi Lan, Master has come late.”

“Master, I know that you will come and rescue me…”

Nangong Zi Lan looked at Zi Shao with teary eyes. She bit on her lips before saying, “Master, I’m sorry to be caught by those people. I even implicated Master to look for me…”

With her cultivation, those people wouldn’t be able to capture her. But she had not socialized with outsiders so she was too careless and fell for their trap, bringing her to this place.

Moreover, that chain sealed the energy in her body, making her unable to use her power. Otherwise, those people wouldn’t be able to confine her…

“Zi Lan, you have suffered.”

Zi Shao released her hold to look at the girl in her embrace. Flame of fury blazed in her heart after seeing her injuries. She then shouted, “It was too simple to kill them instantly. I should have whipped them to death instead!”

‘These people dare to make their move on my disciple. I will certainly make them die terribly, especially that lord from the mysterious organization…’

Zi Shao’s gaze turned cold as she smiled sinisterly.

“Zi Lan, let’s leave this place.” Zi Shao held onto Nangong Zi Lan’s arm before sweeping her gaze at the other captive girls in the room. She then said, “The Yun family has been annihilated. You are free to go. But it is best you will be more careful next time as others may try to catch you as well!”


Those girls hastily stood up upon hearing what she said, running out of the room. They quickly vanished from Zi Shao’s sight.

Nangong Zi Lan bit on her lip as she followed behind Zi Shao.

She had always been protected by her family all along so she didn’t need to face any enemies. But she just realised the importance of having power at this instant.

If she didn’t have enough power and lost the protection from others, she would be a nobody…  

Nangong Zi Lan gritted her teeth discreetly. She wouldn’t become Master’s burden again no matter what…

In an inn of Qin City, when Zi Qian Jing saw Zi Shao pushed open the door, he said with a languish smile, “Aunt, since you have found Nangong Zi Lan, we should depart for the Devil City now.”

His gaze shifted to the toddler with jade-carved face after saying that. He then raised his hand to rub Ye Si Huang’s head.

Ye Si Huang frowned.


He had slapped Zi Qian Jing’s hand away.

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