EAA Chapter 758


Chapter 758 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 7

Yun Qi laughed brazenly as he could already imagine countless riches and beauties that would be coming to him soon. Yet, a cheerful voice was heard from behind him.

“No need. I think I will just walk there myself.”

Haha! That’s great then!” Yun Qi burst out laughing as he couldn’t react in time at that moment. Yet, he suddenly made a realization and stopped laughing…  

Yun Qi didn’t dare to believe what he just heard so he turned around to have a look.



When he saw the girl that was smiling happily in the horse carriage, his complexion turned pale. He then pointed a finger at her, unable to say anything for a moment.

‘You… You… You…”

“Mister Yun Qi, why are you stuttering?” Zi Shao looked at him smilingly as she continued, “You should be really shocked that I’m completely fine, right?”


Yun Qi’s body trembled.

‘I had clearly seen this woman drinking that tea. Why is she completely fine?’

“Yun Qi, do you know who is my sister-in-law?” Zi Shao’s brow rose as she asked that with a fake smile.

Yun Qi shook his head and replied honestly, “Nope, I don’t.”

Zi Shao slowly stood up in the horse carriage as she replied, brimming with smiles, “My sister-in-law is an expert in alchemy. Do you think I will be knocked out by that puny drug when I have such a sister-in-law? She had made me consume a pill ages ago, allowing me to be unaffected by most poisons. Hence, that little incapacitating agent has no effect on me! I just pretended that I’ve fallen for your plot. Otherwise, do you think you will bring me here?”

Zi Shao glanced at Yun Qi’s pale face upon saying that. With the smile in her eyes intensifying, she continued, “But your Yun family is rather vigilant in hiding people that Jing Er and I were unable to find this place no matter how we searched for the past couple days. Thus, I had no choice but come up with such a plan.”

Yun Qi’s heart shuddered. He really wanted to be able to sprout a pair of wings at this moment to rapidly escape from this place…

But it was just an extravagant hope…

“Zi Shao, I’ve lost under your hands this time!” Yun Qi said that with gritted teeth as he looked gloomily at Zi Shao.

He didn’t expect that he would be the one that had fallen for this damnable woman’s plot!


A sword was placed at Yun Qi’s neck. Zi Shao smiled as she said, “Yun Qi, you didn’t lose under my hands, but you lose to yourself. You must remember whatever you do is being watched by the heavens. You will always meet with ghosts in the middle of the night from doing too many bad deeds!”

Hmph!” Yun Qi snorted coldly as he rebuked, “Who in the world doesn’t chase after riches and power? What have I done wrong then? I just followed my desires. The Eastern Island similarly revered experts. We will naturally be able to bully the weak when we are powerful enough. If they wanted to complain about that, they should just blame themselves for being too weak.

“But that disciple of yours is rather capable. We initially tried to catch her, but she escaped. We then used some tricks to lure her to us instead. As for you, that lord had personally demanded you by name. So what if you had escaped this time? That lord will eventually capture you sooner or later! Actually, you should offer your soul to that lord and feel honoured doing so!”

He just shut his eyes and didn’t say further after saying his piece…

“That lord?” Zi Shao frowned but relaxed brows in the next moment as she said, “I will settle the debt with that lord you are referring to sooner or later. He wants to catch me? If he is capable enough, he can come and get me himself. I will welcome his visit anytime. It’s a pity…”

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