EAA Chapter 755


Chapter 755 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 4

“Don’t worry. Jing Er, nobody can hurt me at this place.”

Zi Shao smiled with confidence. She then shifted her gaze to Yun Qi before saying indifferently, “Please lead the way.”

Yun Qi smirked slightly for an instant before he regained his usual smile and said, “Lady Shao Er, please come this way.”

Zi Shao nodded before following behind Yun Qi…


“Lady Shao Er, my uncle is waiting for you inside. Let’s have a chat in this room.”

Yun Qi gestured for her to enter a room in the Yun family before pushing open the room door, entering it. A middle-aged man that was in the room greeted them passionately at that instant.

“Ladt Zi Shao, we already found the location of the person that you are finding. I don’t know if Lady Zi Shao is willing to enter the room for a chat.”

Zi Shao nodded, following the middle-aged man into the room.


The room’s door was slammed shut. Following that, Zi Shao just sat on a chair as though nothing had happened.

“Head of the Yun family, Yun Xiang, can you tell me the location of my disciple, Nangong Zi Lan?”

Hehe!” Yun Xiang chuckled before saying, “Why is Lady Zi Shao in such a rush? Have a cup of tea to soothe your throat first. We will have a great chat after that. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to your disciple.”

Yun Xiang signaled to the youth that was standing at the side.

Yun Qi was stunned before he went to pour a cup of tea and placed it before Zi Shao. He then said, “Lady Zi Shao, this is a good tea that my father had obtained from the Cloud Mountain. How about having a taste of it?”


Zi Shao took a sip of the tea, carefully tasting it. A ray of a sinister light flickered in her eyes at that instant before an indistinct smile graced her face.

The Yun family’s uncle and nephew were looking nervously at Zi Shao. They heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that she had drunk the tea. They then smiled sinisterly.

“You can tell me her location now, right?”

She placed the teacup on the table before raising her head to look at the uncle and nephew of the Yun family.

“Lady Zi Shao, how’s the taste of the tea?” Yun Xiang smirked with a ray of light that flashed past his eyes before he asked that as though he cared about that.

Mmhm! It was good.” Zi Shao nodded. She then raised her hand to support her forehead before shaking her head slightly in the next instant. She then commented, “This is strange. Why am I so light headed?”


She toppled over from her chair after saying that, falling onto the ground.

“Uncle, what shall we do next?” Yun Qi shifted his gaze toward Yun Xiang before asking with a frown.

“What else can we do than to bring her to that secret place and pass her to that lord? Hmph! Don’t think that I don’t know that Zi Shao and that youth was known as Zi Qian Jing had tried to secretly infiltrate into my Yun family to investigate the location of that girl they were finding. But how could I be that silly as to leave that girl in the manor? I’ve already brought her to that place. Otherwise, this lady would have annihilated my Yun family with her might! It was precisely due to them failing to find the girl that they temporarily can’t make a move on the Yun family…”

Yun Xiang laughed sinisterly as he said, “This girl is too foolish in trusting what we said so readily, drinking that tea. Haha! How could she had dared to play with me with that IQ of hers?!”

“Uncle,” Yun Qi looked somewhat reluctantly at Zi Shao before asking, “Can I enjoy this woman’s body first? I’ve been drooling over her for a really long time already…”

He licked his dry lips as he said that with his voice slightly hoarse. With desire in his eyes, he stared unblinkingly at the unconscious woman lying on the ground…

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