EAA Chapter 754


Chapter 754 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 3

Ye Si Huang had already snapped out from his shock from being taught a lesson by Zi Qian Jing. He glared at Zi Qian Jing and said, “I refuse to become sworn brothers with this guy. I’m already displeased in seeing someone having such similar appearance to mine!”

Zi Qian Jing’s eyebrows rose as he seconded, “I agree with that. Aunt, please don’t say anything further. I won’t become sworn brothers with this little fella. He is just a mini version of me.”

“You are a mini version of me instead!”

Ye Si Huang’s tender jade-carved face was flushed red. A layer of tears gradually coated his purple eyes. His pitiful expression made Zi Shao’s heart melt instantly.


“Jing Er, Little Si Huang is so much younger than you. You should give in to him a little.” Zi Shao looked at Zi Qian Jing as she said that before she shifted her gaze back to Ye Si Huang before asking with a smile, “Little Si Huang, where is your family?”


Just as Ye Si Huang wanted to reply to her, glimmers danced in his eyes. He then replied with teary eyes, “I have been separated from my parents after coming to this place. Now, I want to go to the Devil City. Aunty, can you take me there?”

A lovely smile was expressed on Zi Shao’s face as she agreed, “Alright. We’ve some matters to settle in this Qin City. How about we will bring you to the Devil City after we settled those matters?”

Ye Si Huang lowered his eyelashes slightly, covering the grin in his eyes. But when he raised his gaze again, his eyes were filled with gratitude as he thanked, “Thank you, Aunty!”

“Little fella,” Zi Qian Jing hooked his arm around Ye Si Huang’s neck before reassuring with a languish smile, “Don’t fret. We will definitely help you find your family.”

Ye Si Huang took in a deep breath, forcefully suppressing the urge to toss Zi Qian Jing away from him!

“Lady Shao Er, Mister Qian Jing, you are all here. Who is this…”

A voice was suddenly heard from behind them. A green-robed man was seen briskly walking toward them. When he saw the puny Little Ye Si Huang, he was stunned subconsciously.

He had never seen such an adorable toddler before. His tender face looked as though it had been carved with jade. His innocent and bright large eyes looked like the resplendent sky. His smile was also extremely adorable.

“He is my nephew.” Zi Shao smiled slightly but didn’t explain further. She just asked, “Mister Yun, did you come looking for us for something?”

Yun Qi (cloud together) withdrew his gaze from Ye Si Huang to look at Zi Shao. A trace of greed shone past his eyes.

“Lady Zi Shao, aren’t the two of you searching for the location of the Nangong family’s young mistress? Currently, we already have some news about her. I don’t know if Lady Zi Shao will mind moving somewhere else to have a private chat with me as I’m only willing for Lady Zi Shao to hear what I’ve got to say regarding this matter…”

He side-glanced Zi Qian Jing while he said that.

Zi Qian Jing’s gaze turned cold. How could he not see what this man of the Yun family fancied his Aunt? However, this kind of scum wasn’t compatible with his Zi Qian Jing’s Aunt!

“Alright,” Zi Shao patted Zi Qian Jing’s hand. She then smiled lovably before continuing, “I will have to trouble Mister Yun then. If you can help me find my disciple, I certainly won’t mistreat you all!”

Recently, Nangong Zi Lan had somehow discovered a way to the Continent in order to secretly look for her. Yet, she disappeared after reuniting with her for a short period of time.

It could only mean that Nangong Zi Lan had met with some trouble as she wasn’t the type that would disappear without any notice…    

Nangong Zi Lan’s innate talent wasn’t really good, but she was able to reach the Earth Realm. Only those powers from the East Island could silently capture her away without a trace…

“Aunt,” Zi Qian Jing frowned as he advised, “This man is obviously up to no good. Aunt, you shouldn’t…”

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