EAA Chapter 75


Chapter 75 – Ye Tian Feng’s Plan

Ye Wu Chen shifted his gaze to look at his subordinate, wiping away all traces of emotion from his god-like face. The black clothed person knew that his master was extremely unsatisfied with his words.

“She will marry Ben Wang.” Ye Wu Chen had already turned his head away when he said this. With traces of happiness in his eyes, he continued, “Ben Wang isn’t in a hurry. Sooner or later, she will be Ben Wang’s wife. Ben Wang will definitely not do any immoral acts to her before we officially get married.”

But teasing that girl is rather interesting….

Ye Wu Chen chuckled softly. That girl wasn’t scared of the pain during essence purification, so he initially thought that she was unfeminine. Who could have thought that she would have such bashful moments that even caused her to run away.


Ye Wu Chen didn’t even notice that his smile became gentler as he thought about Mu Ru Yue’s flushed face.

In the royal palace, the Emperor of Zi Yue had a headache. Looking at his grandson, he massaged his temple. “Feng Er, you were the one who wanted to abandon Mu Ru Yue, so why are you so persistent in marrying her today? That girl has a really stubborn temperament. No matter how much I pressured her that day, she didn’t budge.”

“Royal Grandfather, I didn’t notice Mu Ru Yue’s excellence at that time. Since she has such exceptional innate talent, if she were to marry me, it will also become a type of assistance for Royal Grandfather.”

“But I have, after all, ordered her to wed with the Ghost King….”

The Emperor of Zi Yue frowned, feeling slightly conflicted. Even he wanted to change his imperial edict. However, he had already gone back on his words once. If he were to withdraw his order again, wouldn’t he earn ridicule from the people in the world?

Ye Tian Feng smiled before saying confidently, “Royal Grandfather, you were rough when you made the decree and didn’t set the actual date of marriage. Currently, your grandson won’t request for you to withdraw the imperial edict. I just wish that Royal Grandfather could delay their wedding for a few months time. Your grandson will regain Mu Ru Yue’s affections in those few months. At that time, when she comes forth to personally request the termination of the marriage between her and the Ghost King, Royal Grandfather can conveniently accept. People will not vilify Royal Grandfather, and they will instead say that Royal Grandfather is a wise Emperor for his help in putting a couple together.”

The Emperor of Zi Yue’s eyes lit up. “That’s a great plan. It’s really a waste for Mu Ru Yue to marry the Ghost King. Alright, I’ll immediately delay their marriage for a few months time. You must use those few months to regain her affections.”

“Your Grandson shall thank Royal Grandfather beforehand.” Ye Tian Feng smiled; he was confident that he could regain Mu Ru Yue’s affections in these few months.

That girl had always been chasing after him since they were young. Recently, he had broken her heart so she’d rejected him. He believe that time would heal everything. As long as he was sincere enough, she wouldn’t continue to reject him.

But how could Ye Tian Feng know that his discussion with the Emperor of Zi Yue was heard by a young palace maid belonging to Ji Ru Ya?

That young palace maid had long ago accepted Ji Ru Ya’s order to report any and all matters regarding Mu Ru Yue to her. Moreover, Ji Ru Ya had saved her life before; so after hearing their discussion, she immediately left to report to her.

Thus, after the imperial edict had been finalized, Ji Ru Ya dispatched people to inform Mu Ru Yue of the conversation. Coincidentally, Wu Yu also came to find Mu Ru Yue. Hence, the naturally protective Grandmaster Wu Yu was instantly enraged.

“What? That bastard Ye Tian Feng has the guts to fancy my disciple? Does he even have any qualities that is compatible with my disciple?! No, this matter can’t be left unresolved. I’ll go and find that damnable Tian Yuan now!”

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