EAA Chapter 745


Chapter 745 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 15

Zi Feng’s expression was distorted when she yelled crazily with bloodshot eyes, “You just need to kill yourself before my eyes. I will then tell elder brother Wu Chen the location of the Zi family. I am the only one that knows the location. If you really love elder brother Wu Chen, you should kill yourself now! Otherwise, it means that you don’t love him and is unworthy of his love!”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was calm from the start. There weren’t any ripples in her eyes as she looked silently at Zi Feng. Yet, traces of cold killing intents flooded in her surroundings.

Zi Feng’s heart gradually sunk.

“Mu Ru Yue, you aren’t worthy to be the daughter-in-law of the Zi family!”


‘That’s right!

‘She is just a selfish girl!

‘She chose to abandon the Zi family in order to live. If Mu Ru Yue kills herself, I will instantly tell elder brother Wu Chen the location of the Zi family. It should have been really easy for her to kill herself for elder brother Wu Chen if she really loves him!

‘But she didn’t!

‘It can be seen that elder brother Wu Chen wasn’t in that girl’s heart at all. All she loves is herself! It was the same as in her past life. If she agreed to let me be elder brother Wu Chen’s concubine, how could that many people be implicated?

‘The real culprit in killing the Zi family isn’t me but that selfish girl!’

“Elder brother Wu Chen,” Zi Feng looked at Ye Wu Chen before saying, “You should know this woman’s true face now. Do you really want to continue being with her? She doesn’t care about the Zi family for her own survival. How can such a girl be worthy of obtaining your deep affections?!”

Everyone’s gaze focused on Ye Wu Chen at this moment. It was as though they were anticipating his answer…

Little Huang Er frowned his little eyebrows. He swept a bloodthirsty gaze at Zi Feng before he shifted his gaze to Ye Wu Chen.

‘If this man dares to hurt mother, I won’t acknowledge him as my father! I will then take mother far away from him, never ever letting them reunite!’

“Zi family?” Ye Wu Chen smiled. His charming smile enhanced his handsome appearance. With a sinister smile, he replied, “The Zi family is indeed important to me. But if you think that you can jeopardize our relationship with the Zi family, you are gravely wrong!”

Zi Feng’s body swayed a little as she widened her eyes while looking with disbelief at Ye Wu Chen.

‘He chooses to give up on the Zi family for that wretch girl?’

Her body trembled when she thought about that. A hand seemed to have squeezed her heart viciously at this moment…

Ye Wu Chen looked sinisterly at her.

He then continued in a glacial tone, “The Zi family has vanished. But if their souls still exist, I believe that I will similarly be able to find the location of their souls in my life just like how I found Mu Er in the sea of people!”

His voice was bone-piercing cold, making Zi Feng’s heart fall to the bottom of the valley…

“Elder brother Wu Chen, you will regret! You definitely will! You will never find the location of the Zi family without my guidance!”

A power that could destroy heaven and earth was imbued in her voice while she yelled madly. She looked horrifyingly sinister with her hair dancing wildly along with the gale.


Mu Ru Yue lifted the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword.


Powerful flames were shot toward Zi Feng, momentarily enveloping her body in flames.


Zi Feng moaned heartrendingly in pain from those flames. Some people couldn’t help but shudder when they heard her voice. They didn’t even dare to continue looking at her…

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  1. jfc she really believes the shit she’s spewing out of her mouth. “Kill yourself otherwise it means you don’t love him”????? Girl, have you taken a look at yourself within the last 1000 years you family-murdering, child-maiming madwoman. So what, ruining Wu Chen’s life is your way of “proving your love” to him??

    OOoh, Miki, I don’t know about you but I’m fit to jump straight through this screen and shake her

  2. Can’t they just turn her into a puppet instead? Remember that event before the… (I forgot, lol. Maybe when the immortal blah blah.)

    1. Post
  3. Thanks!!!
    Ahhh no la soporto, esa mujer no entiende el lenguaje humano, simplemente no sé dejenla muda mientras disfruto del dolor, más bien debería ser el propio Wu Chen quien la torturase.

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