EAA Chapter 740


Chapter 740 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 10


Zi Feng’s body was sent flying backwards before she fell to the ground like a kite with a broken string. Her face was terrifyingly pale.

“Feng Er!”

Yan Yun cried out heartbrokenly, his body trembled in fury.


“If you dare hurt Feng Er I, Yan Yun, swear I’ll never forgive you!” Yan Yun’s eyes were wide with anger as he furiously yelled, “No matter how strong you all are, you definitely aren’t my master’s match. He’ll kill you all!”

Ye Wu Chen briefly glanced at him, but that single glance made Yan Yun swallow the rest of his words.Terror filled his bloodshot eyes…

‘This man is like an Asura. His strength is horrifying.’

“Oh? I was unaware, who is it that I will be killing?”

Suddenly, a calm voice was heard.

Yan Yun’s stiffened, he elatedly looked up at the sky. Two figures quickly appeared before his eyes.

With his silver hair fluttering, his silver robes seemed more noble.

Standing mid-air, the man appeared cold. His expressionless, fair, handsome face had a noble, immortal-like grandeur.

There was also a middle-aged man standing beside him. At most, he looked between thirty to forty years of age. He looked down with his head held high, as if he were judging the crowd beneath him.

“Master, please quickly save Feng Er!”, yelled Yan Yun hastily.

His words made everyone’s expression to change drastically.

Master? Could this be that mysterious Lord of the Immortal Doctor Sect? But it was rumoured that the mysterious Lord was already seventy years old. Why did this man look so young then?

The middle-aged man frowned as he swept his gaze over Zi Feng who was being attacked by Mu Ru Yue. He commented, “I didn’t expect to see something so intriguing right after returning with Qing Chu. Someone has been reborn through possession…. It’s a pity that she’s taken over living body; she even swallowed the host’s soul. The body has put up some resistance against her possession. If she had possessed a dead body, her cultivation would’ve been much stronger…”

Yan Yun’s expression froze. He looked with disbelief at the middle-aged man as he asked, “Master, wha-what are you saying?”

‘Reborn through possession?

‘Impossible! She’s definitely Feng Er. How could she be someone else? If she really is, then what’s the point in me doing all this?’

Yan Yun’s body shivered violently and his breathing became unstable. He wasn’t willing to believe what the middle-aged man said.

‘But Master is a Supreme Realm expert. How could he be wrong?’

“Feng Er!” Yan Yun’s complexion paled. He then shifted his gaze to Zi Feng and asked, “Are you really my Feng Er?”

Zi Feng’s body shuddered. With a frosty expression, she admitted, “I am Zi Feng, not Shangguan Feng!”

That middle-aged man was too strong and had a close connection with Yan Yun. Only a fool would try continue lying now.

Furthermore, she had wanted to make use of Yan Yun and the power behind him. Yet, the middle-aged man didn’t seem keen on helping her so it would be useless to continue lying to him…

Murong Qing Chu descended from the sky. Flowers appeared to have blossomed wherever he stepped, exuding a refreshing and pleasant fragrance.

Currently, there was a gentle smile on his handsome face. Joy gradually pooled in his cold eyes. His voice was as gentle as the wind and was really captivating when it brushed past her ears.



Zi Feng’s body was sent flying backward before falling to the ground like a kite with a broken string. Her face was terrifyingly pale.

“Feng Er!”

Yan Yun cried out heartrendingly with his body trembling in fury.

“I, Yan Yun, swear to never forgive you if you dare to hurt Feng Er!” Yan Yun’s pupils were enlarged as he yelled furiously, “No matter how strong all of you are, you undoubtedly will not be my master’s match. He will kill all of you!” [Miki: I hope you won’t regret~ as my FL is specialised in face slapping peeps XD All I can say is all the best to you brave but foolish one!]

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