EAA Chapter 736


Chapter 736 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 6

“Since you guys had the guts to kill Shangguan Lan and had no plans of letting Feng Er go, I must report this matter to master and let the old man carry out your punishments!”

Jun Lan’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected Zi Feng to be so shameless and use Master Yan Yun’s hand to deal with them.

“Yan Yun, thank god you came!” Zi Feng smiled bitterly, “If you hadn’t come, I might’ve been killed at these people’s hands like my mother.”

Her eyelashes trembled slightly as she slowly closed her eyes. Her expression of sorrow was clear.


“Feng Er, don’t worry. I will definitely avenge your mother’s death, whoever killed her will die a terrible death!”

Yan Yun glanced at the crowd, the killing intent in his eyes intensified.

Zi Feng smirked slightly, but it disappeared after a moment. The enraged Yan Yun hadn’t noticed it in the slightest…

Suddenly, a ray of light descended from the sky. Under the crowd’s gaze, three figures appeared…

Yao Yun Qing was momentarily stunned when she saw the three figures. Jubilantly, she exclaimed, “Yue Er!”

‘Yue Er has returned?

‘This is really great…’

Mu Ru Yue slowly descended from the sky, coldly assessing the situation. She was holding the hand of a toddler who had a face like carved jade.

The toddler wore an embroidered robe. His tender face was extremely similar to Ye Wu Chen’s. He looked extraordinarily adorable, giving everyone the urge to pinch his cheeks.

“Eldest brother, sister-in-law, I’m back.”

She smiled lightly with a gentle curve of her lips.

Yao Yun Qing spread her arms, wanting to pounce on Mu Ru Yue. But she hastily stopped herself when she met with Ye Wu Chen’s sinister, cold purple eyes. She then smiled, embarrassed, and asked, “Yue Er, you’re finally back. Right, and who is this adorable little fella?”

When her gaze landed on Little Huang Er, her eyes lit up. She no longer resisted her urge and raised her hand to pinch that tender face. She couldn’t help comment, “Such smooth and tender skin.”

Little Huang Er frowned with displeasure. His purple eyes flashed with a red glow, filling with malicious intent.

“Little Huang Er!” Mu Ru Yue shouted hastily.

Mu Ru Yue was greatly alarmed when she felt the aura Little Huang Er exuded.

She already understood him a little after interacting with him for a short while. He didn’t let anyone, other than Ye Wu Chen and herself, to touch his body. Bai Ze was the sole exception as, during her three years of seclusion training, Bai Ze was always around Little Huang Er.

And so, he didn’t mind being touched by the god-like Bai Ze.

Little Huang Er withdrew his aura and introduced himself. “Aunty, I’m Ye Si Huang. I’m mother and father’s son. You can call me Little Huang Er.” He looked so innocent and pure with his adorable face.

“Ye Si Huang? Surname Ye?” Yao Yun Qing was stunned for a moment before she exclaimed, “Yue Er, it can’t be this fella is your son, right? It doesn’t seem right. According to the time flow here, only three years should have passed. He shouldn’t be so big even if you gave birth to him the moment we parted ways.”

Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrows rose as she explained, “Have you forgotten that he stayed in my belly for about two years?”

Yao Yun Qing momentarily lost her voice.

‘Th-that…counts too?’

“Yue Er, this fella is really adorable,” Yao Yun Qing pinched his little cheek again, she continued with a smile, “Moreover, he can speak so eloquently at such a tender age, he’s so talented.”

Little Huang Er frowned again, but didn’t give off a bloodthirsty, sinister aura this time.


“Since all of you have the guts to kill Shangguan Lan and didn’t plan on letting Feng Er go, I must report this matter to master to let the old man carry out the punishments!”

Jun Lan’s expression changed. He didn’t expect that Zi Feng would be so shameless to use Mister Yan Yun’s hand to deal with them.

“Yan Yun, thank god you came!” Zi Feng smiled bitterly as she continued, “If you didn’t come, I perhaps would be similarly killed like my mother by these people’s hands.” [Miki: Be as happy all you want for now~ but you’re going down eventually Bi*ch! The author had sealed your fate 5 chapters ago. Up to heaven you go and down to hell before repeating~]

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  1. Etoo ¿qué tan anticlimático puede ser?… mientras enfrentan a la muerte, aparecen ellos y se ponen a hablar como si nada… y mal, mal no pellizques la cara del Dios Demonio…

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