EAA Chapter 734


Chapter 734 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 4


Shangguan Feng laughed brazenly with her smile of mockery intensifying, “Shangguan Lan, are you pretending to be a fool or are you really one? I killed your daughter and took her soul away. I then make use of your daughter’s identity to do what I wanted! It’s a pity that you are too useless that you can’t deal with just these people. It is fortunate that I predicted this scenario and stole the Heavenly Phoenix Seal Talisman beforehand. Hence, I no longer need you anymore!”

Her eyes were glacial. A bone-piercing cold froze Shangguan Lan’s heart.

Her complexion turned pale at this moment. It was as though she couldn’t believe what that girl said. But her glacial gaze and bloodthirsty speech were definitely not her noble daughter’s…


“You said that you aren’t my daughter?” Shangguan Lan’s voice trembled with sorrow and fury surging in her heart.

“That’s right,” Shangguan Feng smirked before continuing, “I not only isn’t your daughter, I’m also your daughter’s killer! Shangguan Lan, I originally thought that I could use you in helping me accomplish some matters. But I’ve overestimated your might in the end! Furthermore, remember that my name is Zi Feng!”


Intense fury surged in her heart. Shangguan Lan no longer cared about Nangong Lie that was behind her. With a flash of her body, she dashed toward Zi Feng with her killing intents covering her entire Yao family.

“Bitch, I’m going to kill you to avenge for my pitiful daughter!”


The Heavenly Phoenix suddenly looked toward Shangguan Lan before she could even appear before Zi Feng. The sky seemed to have blazed as boundless flames wrapped themselves around Shangguan Lan’s body.

A heartrending shriek was heard instantly.

Everyone’s heart trembled with despair and dread expressed on their faces. It was as though the Heavenly Phoenix before her was something that loved killing.

“Heavenly Phoenix, kill all of them!” Zi Feng’s sleeves were raised slightly with her hair fluttering in the wind. Everyone’s heart shuddered tremendously upon hearing what she said.

Yet, the Heavenly Phoenix didn’t do anything. Its enormous body covered the entire sky while its vibrant flames illuminating the sky, dying the sky crimson red.

“Heavenly Phoenix, why are you just standing there?” Zi Feng’s gaze turned grim as she said that coldly.

Heavenly Phoenix shifted her head to look indifferently at Zi Feng. But that gaze made Zi Feng’s heart constrict. It was as though she was being suffocated.

“You don’t have the qualification to order me!”

Her voice was so indifferent and cold, but it was filled with a towering grandeur.

It was as though Zi Feng was akin to a negligible ant in her point of view, unworthy of placing any importance on her…

“What are you saying?” Zi Feng’s expression changed drastically as she ordered, “Don’t forget that I was the one that released you. Yet, you refused to repay my kindness in saving your life. I order you to kill them now!”

The Heavenly Phoenix narrowed its eyes slightly with killing intents glimmering in its eyes. Its entire body’s flames burst forth toward Zi Feng in that instant.


Her body was abruptly blown backward.

“I will leave you with your life on behalf of you releasing me from that seal. But I won’t let you off next time.”

It no longer looked at Zi Feng that had her expression turned ashen upon saying that. Its enormous body then flew away like a red line that shone across the sky, instantly vanishing from the crowd’s sight…

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Everyone’s gaze shot at Zi Feng. Their gazes were like sharp daggers, making her entire body to tremble with her magnificent face becoming increasingly pale.

She didn’t expect that the Heavenly Phoenix would betray her!

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