EAA Chapter 733


Chapter 733 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 3

“Stupid old man, you will definitely regret doing this one day!”

Flames of fury blazed in Shangguan Lan’s eyes.


She had charged at Nangong Lie again. She was holding onto a sword at this moment. It was like an arrow that pierced through the sky, instantly giving rise to an intense gale.


Nangong Lie was neither anxious nor alarmed. He just looked calmly at her. Following that, numerous swords floated before him. All of those swords was then shot toward Shangguan Lan, resisting against that gale.

Shangguan Lan’s expression momentarily changed drastically. She quickly retreated with her body slanting backward, dodging those swords that were coming toward her. But the number of swords was constantly increasing, making her be somewhat at a loss…


Bang! Bang!

Yet, two figures landed before Shangguan Lan at this instant. Her complexion turned gravely pale after recognising who they were. She yelled out anxiously, “Yun Tai! Jun Lan!”

With both of them defeated, it would mean that she needed to face with so many Spiritual Realm experts all by herself.

‘Doomed! I’m definitely doomed this time!’

Despair filled Shangguan Lan’s face. She just didn’t understand why so many experts suddenly appeared at the very last step…

If it wasn’t for them, the Yao family would have already been in her pocket…

“It seems that Shangguan Lan is rather useless.” Shangguan Feng sighed with slight disappointment while looking at the battle before her. She then commented, “I thought that it will be easier to carry out what I wanted to do by using the Immortal Doctor Sect. But I didn’t expect that the sect master of the Immortal Doctor Sect will be so weak. Since that’s the case, I can’t continue relying on her…”

She raised her eyes to look at that sorry figure with a cold smile.

Shangguan Lan had treated her very well during this period of time, giving her lots of love. However, she could make moves on the Zi family in her previous life so not to mention Shangguan Lan.

She always didn’t care about anything in order to achieve her goals!

Shangguan Lan was resisting against Nangong Lie’s attack. But a tyrannical aura burst forth from behind her at this time, making her hastily look behind. She almost laid down from fright upon seeing that sight.

“Feng Er, what are you doing?”

Intense flames appeared before everyone’s sight. Following that, there was a mighty phoenix soaring in the sky within those flames.

A scarlet blood glow could be seen in that phoenix’s eyes. It was as though it was arrogantly looking down upon the lives before it.

“Heavenly Phoenix! You actually released the Heavenly Phoenix. How did you get that seal talisman?”

That seal talisman had the mighty Heavenly Phoenix sealed within it that even she didn’t dare to release the Heavenly Phoenix. But Shangguan Feng had unexpectedly stolen the Heavenly Phoenix when she wasn’t paying attention.

“You are too useless!” Shangguan Feng smirked and smiled coldly before continuing, “Since you are that useless, I can only use my own way in solving these matters.”

Shangguan Lan was startled as she asked, “Feng Er, what on earth are you talking about?”

“Shangguan Lan,” Shangguan Feng raised her gaze while smiling coldly before explaining, “Even though some matters are hard to explain, I can only tell you that I’m not your daughter. I just stole your daughter’s soul away, replacing her. But I must say that your daughter’s soul was really delicious. She was eaten by me in the end even though she constantly struggled to survive. I just took her place after that!”

Shangguan Lan’s body stiffened. With a perplex look on her face, she said, “Feng Er, have you fallen ill? Why is it that I don’t understand what you are saying? I won’t look into the matter in you stealing the Heavenly Phoenix Seal Talisman now. We will talk more about that after I settle this matter…”

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  1. Shangguan Lan is still so ignorant and cannot understand what Shangguan Feng said to her. Not her daughter? How can she not notice changes in her own daughter?

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