EAA Chapter 731


Chapter 731 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 1


The dragon’s roar was world-shaking that it even caused slight changes to the clouds. Its eyes were bloodthirsty and ruthless. It looked so cold-blooded that it seemed to have come from hell.

You Lan’s expression changed greatly. She could feel an alarming pressure coming down on her, instantly making her unable to stand upright. It was as though an enormous rock was pressing down on her body.

She was astonished as that power was sufficient in crushing a person’s body into meat paste.


“Such a mighty Hell Dragon!”

“It’s a must! How else could it be a mount for that expert?”

“Good heavens! In that case, won’t the Devil God be even more powerful?”

Everyone’s heart was stirred up at this moment.

What kind of person was the Devil God? He was previously the most powerful man in the continent.

Perhaps it would be impossible for anyone in the Central Region to remember him. But how could the disciples at this place be ordinary people? All of them was from the most powerful sects in the continent so they naturally knew the existence of the world’s peerless expert from thousands of years ago…

If the world revered and respected Zi Huang and Senior Yue, terror could be used to describe their feelings toward that man that caused grounds to tremble that year in the continent!

He was too powerful that he could topple mountains and overturn sea with a wave of his hand. Several mountain ranges had been instantly obliterated by him in a single breath that he took. That man had always been sitting in a lofty position, looking down on the world, even if he were to face thousands of army forces and horses!

Nobody knew how powerful he truly was nor did they know why that man appeared in this land. His origin was a mystery and so was his disappearance. Hence, this man was just a complete mystery…

Did it represent that the man that caused earthquakes while he walked on the continent was still living somewhere in the world since the Devil God’s Hell Dragon appeared here?


You Lan suddenly shrieked heartrendingly.

Everyone withdrew their gazes but when they looked at what was happening to You Lan, they couldn’t help but gasp.

They could see that her body was being incinerated by sinister cold black flames. It was as though those flames were able to completely combust her soul. The intense pain made her expression to distort. She seemed to be experiencing an inhumane torture…


You Lan hugged her head tightly while shouting with all her might.

A chill rose in everyone’s heart at this moment, directly penetrating into their hearts… Even if it was disciples from the three large families, they expressed horror on their faces.

Why… why did the Hell Dragon appear at this place?

Could it be that they were doomed to cease in existence today?

Sorrow permeated the crowd’s heart when they thought about that as they looked with despair at the enormous body that covered the entire sky.

The crowd could feel a matchless pressure coming from it even though they were just standing beneath it.

The Hell Dragon cast a cold gaze throughout the crowd that was like ants to it before gradually flying away, vanishing from their sight. It was as though it didn’t appear at all…

Everyone was still staring at the direction where the Hell Dragon disappeared to. Hence, nobody saw the peculiar smile of the toddlers.

‘That fella’s way of greeting me has always stirred up a commotion every single time…’

“It… it just left just like that?”

Hua Yun looked somewhat dazedly at the sky as he asked, puzzled, “Why has it come here for then?”

Fu Qing glared viciously at him as she rebuked, “It can’t be that you want it to do something, right? If that Hell Dragon was to make a move on us, every single one of us will most probably be wiped out!”

Author’s P.S: There might be an extra story about this toddler or as an extra story after this book has been completed~

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  1. ¿Sacó el libro? pleaseee necesito saber la identidad de este niño es QY?? pero dónde está su princesa alquimista???

  2. Disculpándome, pero no entiendo de qué habláis, qué princesa alquimista? A quien se refieren como “little toddler” es el hijo the Yue’er in Wu Chen, reencarnation a su vez del quien fue conocido como Devil King. El libro del que hablás, es el “Alquemy Book” de Yue’er? Dónde están su lobo, dragón, Ying y estaba Wu Chen?

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