EAA Chapter 73


Chapter 73- Essence Purification Pill Part 3

“Wu Chen, you should release me. If not, you’ll get dirty.” Mu Ru Yue slightly furrowed her eyebrows after lowering her head and seeing the dirty black fluid that was being excreted from her body.

Not only did the Essence Purification Pill help the user shed their mortal body and exchange their bones, it also made the Martial practitioner excrete impurities from their bodies. Thus, from the moment Wu Chen appeared until now, foul black impurities were constantly being discharged from her body.

Mu Ru Yue herself couldn’t stand it, so how could Ye Wu Chen?

But Ye Wu Chen didn’t have the slightest indication of despising the smell as he tightly embraced the young girl in front of him, a dazzling smile portrayed on his handsome face.


“My wife, I don’t mind being dirty if it means I can be with my wife.”

The innocent look on the young man’s face clearly didn’t suit his age, but for some reason, that sentence pierced Mu Ru Yue’s heart greatly. Her heart was gradually moved.

Yan Jin rolled his eyes. ‘Even if they want to flirt, can’t they find somewhere that’s unpopulated? Can’t they see that I’m still here?’

When the effects of the Essence Purification Pill merged with her body, Mu Ru Yue felt an unprecedented understanding in cultivation. She pulled up her filth covered body with the similarly filthy Wu Chen. Seeing his sorry state, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

Ye Wu Chen was momentarily stunned as he looked dazedly at her.

“Wu Chen, what are you looking at?” Mu Ru Yue rubbed her face as she looked at him with curiosity.

“My wife looks really nice when she smiles.” Ye Wu Chen bashfully lowered his head but couldn’t help glancing at Mu Ru Yue from the corner of his eye as he continued, “I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt that my wife’s smile before was as though she was wearing a mask. But now, my wife’s smile looks really great.”

Mu Ru Yue usually smiles, but it gave people the chills.

Her current smile, however, could really be described as being devastatingly beautiful.

“If Wu Chen likes it, I’ll always smile at Wu Chen.” Mu Ru Yue smiled and continued, “But first, we should take a bath.”

In the big bath, Mu Ru Yue completely submerged her body in the water, allowing the warm liquid to cleanse her body. Perhaps the water was too warm and comfy that it made her let down all of her guards.

“Little girl, I’ve got something to tell you.”

Just when Mu Ru Yue wanted to have a good rest, an extremely domineering voice sounded. She immediately opened her eyes and saw smiling black eyes looking at her.

“Get out!”

Mu Ru Yue angrily grabbed Yan Jin and tossed him outside before she shouted furiously, “From now on, when I’m bathing, you aren’t allowed to step one foot into this bathroom!”


Yan Jin body crashed against a tree, in a miserable clump. After the ordeal of falling, he looked at the tightly shut bathroom, feeling wronged. In their Beast realm, male and females could bathe together.

‘Why is the Human race so troublesome? Forget it, I’ll tell her about that matter later….’

Right after Mu Ru Yue just tossed Yan Jin out, without giving her a breather, the door was open once again. When Mu Ru Yue turned to look at the ajar door, Ye Wu Chen entered her sight.

It was undeniable that the young man’s build was great. His skin shone white and tender, giving off faint rays of light. Nothing seemed able to even slightly disrupt his beauty, excluding those sinister scars on his chest.

Hong! After Mu Ru Yue looked at Ye Wu Chen, her face turned completely red, to the tip of her ears. Her brain stopped functioning at that moment.


Ye Wu Chen, he… he actually came in here without clothes?

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