EAA Chapter 729


Chapter 729 – Mu Ru Yue’s Return Part 7

Wu Chen was startled before lowering his gaze to the girl’s flat belly. He then asked, “Did you mean that our son has been born?”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly before replying, “That’s right. He has been born.”

Ye Wu Chen became stirred up at that instant. But remorse surged in his heart after his excitement. He was also unable to stay by Mu Ru Yue’s side when she gave birth to Jing Er in his previous life. It was similarly the case in this life…

Perhaps these two matters would become his life’s regrets.


“Wu Chen, if you are regretful, how about we give birth to another? I will promise to let you see our child’s birth the next time.” Mu Ru Yue seemed to have felt his change of mood and suggested with a gentle smile.

“Two is enough.” Ye Wu Chen’s brow was raised. He wrapped his arm around the girl’s slender waist before continuing, “Jing Er previously didn’t create much trouble when he was in your belly but our newborn son made us unable to have our fun. Hence, I don’t want to be unable to get close to you again.”

Even though Ye Wu Chen yearned for Mu Ru Yue to give birth to multiple kids for him, his heart ached uncontrollably when he thought back to the scene where she fainted due to her pregnancy.

He didn’t want her to suffer so much again so it would suffice for him to just have Jing Er and his current life’s son…

“Let’s go.”

Ye Wu Chen raised his arm to pull her tightly into his embrace. Two of their figures quickly disappeared from the mountain valley that was filled with clouds and mists in the next instant…

A girl with an orchid-like grandeur led a group of disciples to the plaza, entering everyone’s sight.

Several of the disciples from the three large families initially had a great impression on You Lan. Nonetheless, all of those good feelings for her faded after facing that ordeal.

“How did all of you escape?” You Lan’s expression changed.

‘The young mistress had mentioned they would never be able to leave the magic array for the rest of their lives. Why did they appear here then?’

Haha!” Hua Yun burst out laughing before replying, “You Lan, don’t think that your Immortal Doctor Sect will be able to kill us by buying the help from He Shao Yuan. It is a pity that He Shao Yuan had died from our torture ages ago while we were being locked up for those three years. As for you, you will be joining him real soon! He Shao Yuan should be able to leave better in peace after knowing that such a beauty will be accompanying him!”

You Lan was so enraged that her breathing became unstable. Two figures suddenly appeared by Bai Ze’s side when she wanted to say something…

The girl’s white robe fluttered slightly. Her hair was let down like a waterfall, incredibly breathtaking. The man by her side was tremendously charming and reeked with nobility. But there were billowing ripples in his purple eyes.

“Mister Ye, why are you here?”

You Lan’s expression changed completely.

‘The young mistress has been searching for Mister Ye’s location for three years. Why has he appeared here? He even appeared together with that girl?’

Ye Wu Chen lifted his gaze to look at You Lan.

You Lan could clearly feel that the pressure of the air in the surrounding had lowered at this instant. Boundless oppression feeling pressed on her heart, making her breath to tighten. She was nearly suffocated by that.

A trace of terror was fully expressed in You Lan’s eyes after having a taste of the man’s grandeur.

She didn’t feel such a pressure when she fought against Ye Wu Chen previously. Yet, the current man could make her unable to breathe with just a glance…

“You had slandered Ben Wang’s woman three years ago. Ben Wang has already waited for three years to settle this debt!” Ye Wu Chen smirked with a sinister smile that seemed to have originated from hell before continuing, “You can return and tell Zi Feng that I had never fallen in love with her in my previous life so I similarly will not in this life! There will only be a girl that can enter my eyes in all my lives and eternity. Nobody excluding her will be worthy of entering my eyes!”

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  2. Well, hopefully they give birth to a girl next as that way he gets to experience being their for the birth instead of being an (unintentional due to extenuating circumstances) absentee father, and she can raise a girl instead of only boys. She already has 3 boys to raise (one from previous life, one is her husband, and now a brat of dubious origin), a girl isn’t too much to ask for.

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