EAA Chapter 71


Chapter 71- Essence Purification Pill Part 1

“Lady Ya, I’m just returning a favour. You don’t need to bow.” With a wave of Mu Ru Yue’s hand, a force straightened Ji Ru Ya’s body.

Ji Ru Ya silently looked at her with surprise.

“Lady Mu, since it’s getting rather late, it’s about time for me to head back to the palace.” Perhaps it was due to Mu Ru Yue’s promise, but Ji Ru Ya’s mood seemed to have improved. “I believe Lady Mu will not be a person who stays in a pond and will eventually evolve into a dragon whose golden scales meet with the wind 1. This tiny Kingdom of Zi Yue will not be your limit.”

Currently, Ji Ru Ya was extremely jubilant as Mu Ru Yue and Mu Qing’s relationship wasn’t just bad; it was extremely terrible. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to avenge her parents.


Mu Ru Yue smiled as Ji Ru Ya’s words were true. Her ambition wouldn’t be limited to this small land. The place she strove for was the central region of the continent, where numerous expert cultivators gathered at.

Looking at Mu Ru Yue, Ji Ru Ya smirked. If Mu Qing knew he had abandoned such a talented person, how many regrets would he have?

Her greatest desire was exactly this. The miserable appearance of her enemy when he was filled with regret and remorse.

Even though Ji Ru Ya didn’t know about Mu Ru Yue’s innate test results, she had a feeling that this young girl wasn’t simple. Storms and waves would definitely arise in the future due to her presence in this world….

After Ji Ru Ya left, Mu Ru Yue rose and headed for the Pill Refining Room.

“I wonder if I can manufacture Earth Stage Mid Rank Pills now.” With the rise of Mu Ru Yue’s hand, an ancient book appeared on her palm. She flipped opened the book and stared, transfixed, at the words within.

The Book of Alchemy didn’t only hold extinct ways of pill manufacturing, it also recorded shortcut methods on how to break through to the higher stages. With the addition of Wu Yu’s pointers, it had led to a rapid breakthroughs in Alchemist levels for Mu Ru Yue.

“I’ll now try to manufacture an Earth Stage Mid Rank Essence Purification Pill.”

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath to dispel all of her distractions before placing the Nine Leaves Snow Lotus in her hand.

She tore a small piece from one of the nine petals before returning the rest of the lotus back into the Storage Ring.

If someone knew she had used the Nine Leaves Snow Lotus to manufacture an Essence Purification Pill, they would definitely label her a wastrel. Even if she wanted to waste it, she shouldn’t have squandered it like that. The Nine Leaves Snow Lotus had uses in making Mundane Stage Pills, yet she actually used it to refine an Earth Stage Pill? If that wasn’t wasting it, then what could it be called? To Mu Ru Yue, however, it wasn’t a big deal.

Wasn’t it simple to procure a Nine Leaves Snow Lotus? She just needed to change an Eight Leaves Snow Lotus to a Nine Leaves Snow Lotus. As such, she dared to be so wasteful.

“The necessary ingredients in refining an Essence Purification Pill is a Nine Leaves Snow Lotus, Purple Leaf Medicinal Herb, Eight Fragrance Fruit, Cloud Lotus Seed, and a Purification Flower….”

Looking at the table filled with medicinal plants, Mu Ru Yue smiled satisfactorily. With a flick of her finger, a flame landed in the Pill Furnace. Swiss! It started to burn.

The originally dark Pill Refining Room became illuminated by the burning flame.

Yan Jin yawned lazily as he laid atop Mu Ru Yue’s shoulder, watching her manufacture pills. He preferred the profound powers emitted by the medicinal plants over the pills themselves.

When did this girl get this Nine Leaves Snow Lotus?

A faint glimmer flashed through Yan Jin’s eyes as he smiled sinisterly. That medicinal plant would be able to recover a lot of his strength. Currently, he was so weak that it was difficult to even protect himself.

Within the Pill Furnace, medicinal powers that were converted from the medicinal plants violently collided against the furnace walls, trying to break out. How could Mu Ru Yue give them such a chance? She suddenly prompted her mental power to enter the furnace through a small gap, bundling the medicinal powers together.

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  1. It means to be able to be an exceptionally accomplish cultivator, rather than just a nameless face in the crowd.

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  1. Miki I am loving this novel quite a bit so far, and like I said previously i’ll be reading this till the end. This is entertaining me a lot more than Child of Lights beginning entertained me. =P

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