EAA Chapter 701


Chapter 701 -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 4

You Lan couldn’t help but be shocked from his sudden outburst. She then shifted her gaze to the red-haired man that was near her. It was unknown to her why her heart subconsciously palpitated slightly when she looked at the man’s blood red eyes.

The man had a devil-like red hair with a magnificent appearance, making her unable to shift her gaze away from him for a moment.

She had lived for so many years and had never seen any man as charming as him. The description of devastatingly beautiful was inferior to his appearance.

The cold aura enveloping Feng Jing Tian’s body intensified when he saw that You Lan was looking toward him with starry-eyes filled with infatuation. His red hair danced violently under the tempest, making him look like a devil.


“If I hear you say another word that dishonours her, I will kill you!”

You Lan was startled by his words. She became tremendously jealous of Mu Ru Yue. With a cold smile, she rebuked, “Did I say anything wrong? She is just a vixen that snatched away our young mistress’s fiance by using her appearance. She also frequently didn’t place any importance on my young mistress. A person like her will certainly suffer the consequences of constantly being pointed at and disdained!”


A red ray of light flashed past. When the crowd hadn’t figure out what had happened, the man was already standing before You Lan. His slender fingers had gripped tightly around her neck with viciousness in his bloodthirsty and ruthless eyes.

Everyone’s expression changed. Nobody had expected that this man with an unknown background dared to try and kill a person of the Immortal Doctor Sect.

Could it be that he was sick of living?


The expression of the elder standing by You Lan’s side changed drastically. With his voice slightly glacial, he warned, “This is the Immortal Doctor Sect. You are to release You Lan instantly!”

“Release her?” Feng Jing Tian chuckled lightly. He then continued with a hatred-filled hoarse voice, “Release her to let her continue dishonouring the woman that I am deeply in love with? I’ve already given her a chance but she didn’t cherish it. Since that is the case, I can only kill her!”

You Lan’s cultivation was at the Spiritual Realm. Yet, she couldn’t put up any resistance against the man.

Her complexion was gravely pale as she looked in shock at the man before her that made her feel as though he was a devil that evokes fear in people’s heart. He currently looked like an enraged wild lion that could take her life at any moment…

“Feng Jing Tian!”

An indifferent voice was suddenly heard.

The killing intent in Feng Jing Tian’s bloodshot eyes mysteriously vanished gradually. His tight grip on You Lan’s neck subconsciously loosened slightly as he shifted his phoenix gaze toward the white-robed girl at the side.

His adam’s apple rolled a little as he wanted to say something. But he was unable to voice out anything to her in the end…

“Feng Jing Tian, have you already forgotten what I had told you?” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze toward the man’s enchanter-like face as she chided, “You are already becoming a devil. Seeing blood will only accelerate that process so you mustn’t kill!”

A complicated gaze flashed past her eyes at this instant.

Feng Jing Tian’s feelings for her was too heavy. It was so heavy that she could barely cope with it. Furthermore, she was at a loss on how to deal with such a man…

“Are… are you worrying about me?”

Feng Jing Tian smiled all of a sudden. Even the description of devastatingly beautiful couldn’t be used to describe that smile of his. Even if there was a fully bloomed rose garden placed before him, it would lose its luster.

“You don’t want me to kill? I won’t kill her then. I will listen to what you say.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered slightly. She then turned her gaze away from the man’s gaze that was brimmed with happiness. The complexity of her gaze intensified.


Feng Jing Tian threw You Lan mercilessly on the ground, making her grip her neck and cough profusely. She bit on her lips with a gravely pale complexion.

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