EAA Chapter 629


Chapter 629 -Giving A Woman To Ye Wu Chen Part 2

Mosang Fei nodded but he glanced at Ye Wu Chen with a slight smile before he left.

He had a feeling that there would certainly be some interactions between this man and the Moshang family in the future…

Clamours could be heard everywhere in the Dongfang City. It was unusually lively.


Mu Ru Yue followed the instructions that Ouyang Yun Jin told her before to find the inn. Since they used up too much of their energies rushing to the Dongfang City, they all headed to their rooms to rest up after they reunited with the Ouyang family.

But Mu Ru Yue seemed to have forgotten about Ye Wu Chen. With a guy that was filled with energy like wolves and tigers by her side, it would be weird if she could really rest…

It was night. The sky was dark and quiet without any ripples.

The Dongfang family’s manor was filled with lights. The vibrant light seemed to light up the entire night sky. A yell out, however, ruined the current tranquility and peace…

“It’s them!”

Dongfang Ying saw the two of them within the crowd. With a trace of maliciousness that flashed past her eyes, she commented, “The two of them dared to appear in the Dongfang family. But it seems that they are from the Ouyang family…”

However, the direct of descendants of the Ouyang family should only be Ouyang Yun Jin and Ouyang Yun Shu. Ouyang Yun Jin only had a daughter, Ouyang Qian. Moreover, the son and daughter of Ouyang Yun Shu both died due to illness a few years ago so the two of them shouldn’t be the direct descents of the Ouyang family. But that man was too powerful. If he was from the side branch of the Ouyang family, it would be impossible for her not to notice such a man with such innate talent.

Suddenly, her gaze paused onto Mu Ru Yue’s face.

She didn’t pay attention to this woman’s appearance in the day so she just realized that she had a devastatingly beautiful face. She had thought that Gu Ying Ying’s face was exceptional. It seemed that someone was even more prettier than her now.

If the beauty of Gu Ying Ying was said to be captivatingly beautiful, this girl’s appearance was like a cold bamboo with a superior grandeur.

There were several beauties in the world, but it was scarce to have a beauty with such a grandeur. Even Xiao Yue that her eldest brother had fallen in love with was inferior to her…

“So this is the case!”

Dongfang Ying smirked coldly as she analyzed, “This girl should be from the branch family of the Ouyang family. The man beside her is her man. That kind of appearance of hers will indeed attract several experts to her. But if that’s the case, the Ouyang family is too shameless to use a girl to lure experts to enter their family!”

With this explanation, it would be a logical reason as to why she didn’t know about this man with such tyrannical powers.

“Ying Er, what’s wrong?” Dongfang Liang frowned as he followed Dongfang Ying’s gaze. His gaze then landed on Mu Ru Yue who was within the Ouyang family, making him stunned for a moment.

‘That girl is a member of the Ouyang family?

‘Ying Er is acquainted with her?’

“Father, she ordered people to hurt me during the day.” Dongfang Ying snorted coldly before continuing, “If it wasn’t for Gu Ying Ying to be at that scene, I definitely wouldn’t have let those two people off.”

Dongfang Ying gritted her teeth with hatred as she said that.

‘That matter is the most humiliating incident to me!

‘No matter if it is those two people of the Ouyang family and Gu Ying Ying, they must all die!’

Dongfang Liang frowned and with a slightly cold gaze, he advised, “Ying Er, those two people are from the Ouyang family. We are currently like fire and water with the Moshang family already. We definitely can’t challenge two of the large families simultaneously at such a critical moment. Everything must wait until your eldest brother marries Nangong Zi Lan.”

His considerations were reasonable, but he didn’t in the slightest thought about whether Nangong Zi Lan was willing to marry Dongfang Jun. Moreover, even if she did, how could Nangong Lie easily forgive the Dongfang family after knowing that Dongfang Jun was impotent, ruining Nangong Zi Lan’s happiness?

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