EAA Chapter 608


Chapter 608- Sullen Dongfang Jun Part 1

Ouyang Dan’s gaze was strict as he looked coldly at the crowd and said severely, “I advise the two of you not to resist. Otherwise, the ones that will suffer will only be you!”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was calm. It was as though she didn’t see Ouyang Dan’s action. She raised her gaze slightly to look at the other’s strict expression and smirked coldly.

“This is your decision? Since this is the case, I will go with you. I just hope you won’t regret it!”

Ouyang Dan burst out laughing as though he had just heard a laughable joke as he replied, “Regret? I am only catching two people. Why should I regret? The ones that should regret it are only the two of you. Someone, bring them to the interrogation room!”


Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly but didn’t resist. With a layer of coldness hidden in her eyes, she said, “Wu Chen, since they are inviting us sincerely, let’s make a trip to the interrogation room.”


Ye Wu Chen looked at Mu Ru Yue with smiles in his eyes and a charming smile was expressed. It was as though he could only contain her in his purple eyes…

“Father, what did Lady Mu mean?’

There was only Ouyang Ling Tian and Ouyang Yun Jin in the Ouyang family’s study room. Ouyang Yun Jin thought about what Mu Ru Yue said before she left and felt uneasy.

Ouyang Ling Tian sighed slightly before he replied, “Jin Er, do you still remember the injury your father got many years ago?”

“Father…” Ouyang Yun Jin was stunned abruptly before he continued, “Are you referring to the injury you got from an ambush by that old man of the Dongfang family?”

“That’s right.” Ouyang Ling Tian smiled bitterly. With deep thoughts in his eyes, he continued, “I’ve never recovered from that injury. It has already damaged all my internal organs. My body condition has been deteriorating after a long period of rotting. Cough! Cough!”   

He coughed uncontrollably, his elderly face pale-white.

“Father!” Ouyang Yun Jin hastily went forth to support Ouyang Ling Tian. With tightly creased brows, he asked, “Why didn’t you ever mention about it?”

Ouyang Ling Tian shook his head and replied, “If this were known to others, it would definitely give rise to a major commotion. Thus, I’ve always been enduring the injury all these years. But it is impossible for me to continue hiding it. I can feel my life withering away. Perhaps I will die at any time.”

Ouyang Yun Jin raised his head to look at the elder before him.

He found he couldn’t remember when his father’s hair had turned completely white. Wrinkles could be seen all over his forehead, and his face was no longer as rosy as before.

‘Father… He has aged…’

Ouyang Yun Jin’s heart was a little sore.

‘Father has invested too much to the Ouyang family in this life and overworked himself…’

“Father, since Lady Mu saw through your illness, she must have a way to cure you.” Ouyang Yun Jin seemed to have thought about something which made his eyes light up momentarily, a trace of a glimmer flashing across his eyes.

A ray of hope also surged in Ouyang Ling Tian’s heart.

‘What Jin Er said is right. Since she could see through my condition, it means she has a way to treat me. But I’ve already offended that little girl from the start…’

Ouyang Ling Tian smiled bitterly and replied, “Jin Er, I’ve offended that lady. I’m afraid it will be really difficult to ask her to save me.”

“Father, Lady Mu isn’t a person that would be enraged from mere words. If we show her our sincerity, she will definitely agree to help. Moreover, father didn’t do anything to harm her physically so you shouldn’t need to be this worried.”

More importantly, Ouyang Yun Jin knew that Mu Ru Yue wanted to deal with Ouyang Yun Shu so she definitely wouldn’t give up on the Ouyang family.

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