EAA Chapter 600


Chapter 600- Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 6

“Little Yue, can I stay with you tonight?” Mo Xi looked pitifully at Mu Ru Yue and continued timidly, “Xiao Bai bullies me.”

He didn’t want to go back into the Alchemy Book’s world.

That place was too boring and he would be bullied by other beasts. Xiao Bai always bared his fangs fiercely at him whenever Xiao Yue went to pinch his cheek.

Little Yue was the best as she never bullied him.


“You can’t!”

Ye Wu Chen’s expression darkened instantly. With a cold ray in his purple eyes, his body was encased with a glacial aura, making people shiver even though it wasn’t cold.

Mo Xi got a fright and hastily hid behind Mu Ru Yue. He only revealed his head after a moment and looked timidly at Ye Wu Chen as he said, “Little Yue, he is really scary. He is even more scarier than those women that looked as though they want to eat me…”

‘Why is Little Yue with such a terrifying man? What if he bullies Little Yue?’

“Father,” Ouyang Qian took a fancy to Mo Xi at first glance. With brightly lit eyes, she asked, “Can I play with that younger brother?”

Mo Xi was stunned. When he raised his head, he saw Ouyang Qian’s wolf-like gaze. He hastily refused, “I don’t want to!”

“Why?” Ouyang Qian blinked her eyes and asked, unable to understand.

Mo Xi voiced out without any thoughts, “You are too scary…”

‘All other girls but Mu Ru Yue are really scary. I don’t want to get involved with them…’

Ouyang Qian was startled upon hearing that.

‘Too scary?’

She became a little gloomy.

‘Is my appearance that scary? Why does this little brother seem so afraid of me?’

Mo Xi wanted to hold Mu Ru Yue’s hand, but he hastily withdrew his hand and looked timidly at Ye Wu Chen after feeling an undisguised sinister aura pressuring him.

“Mo Mo, don’t worry. I’m here.”

Mu Ru Yue turned her head toward the youth and expressed a consoling smile.

His heart mysteriously calmed down and he revealed a dazzling sunlight smile.

Ye Wu Chen snorted coldly as jealousy bubbled in his heart once more. He hugged Mu Ru Yue’s waist tightly with an arm, forcefully shifting her gaze back to me.

Cough cough!” Ouyang Yun Jin coughed drily and asked, “Lady Mu and Mister Ye, how about following me to meet the old master?”


Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly before shifting her gaze to Ouyang Qian and asked, “Lady Ouyang, my little brother is a little afraid of strangers. I wonder if you can help take care of him on my behalf?”

Ouyang Qian nodded vigorously before she replied bashfully, “Lady Mu, don’t worry. I will help you to take great care of him.”

“Little Yue!”

Mo Xi was frightened and gripped onto Mu Ru Yue’s sleeve. He then looked pitifully at her and pleaded, “Little Yue, I don’t want to go with her…”

Mu Ru Yue patted the back of Mo Xi’s hand as though to console him before she said smilingly, “Mo Mo, I’ve some matters that I have to settle. I will come looking for you after I’m done.”


Mo Xi gradually released his grip and, with expectant and large clear eyes, he said, “You must come and find me the moment you are done. Don’t make me interact with her for a really long time.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say further as she followed Ouyang Yun Jin to enter the lounge after giving a final glance at Mo Xi…

An elder with a strict expression was sitting in the lounge. Yet, when he saw the man walking briskly toward him, his expression slightly relaxed and said calmly, “Jin Er, you are back?”

Ouyang Yun Jin dusted his robes before he knelt on one leg. He then said with a bow, “Father, your son has come back this time to introduce a talent to father.”

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  1. The ML is seriously ruining this story. I get the author thinks he is funny, but it is extremely off-putting to read over and over each arc.

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